5 Reasons Your Online Conversions Suck

02 Nov 2018

5 Reasons Your Online Conversions Suck

No matter if you are a startup or have been running a business for a long time; you want the most return on your marketing budget. If you believe that you have tried everything and are still not getting conversions, there are a couple of things you should look at. With simple adjustments to your sales funnels, you will be able to improve your conversions and engage with your audience better. Find five of the main reasons why your conversion sucks and what you can do about them.

1. Picking the Wrong Market

Before you would enter a new market, you would do your market research, right? You need to get to know the people you would like to sell your products to. On the other hand, you should really make an effort to find out as much as possible about your competitors, so you can find a gap in the market and focus on one sub-niche, instead of trying to please everyone.

2. Lack Of Engagement

If you have recently invested in lead generation tools and technologies, you need to know that they will not work unless they can help you communicate your USP. Your Unique Selling Proposition will summarise what your business is about and why your online visitors should choose you, instead of other companies.

You will need to become relatable, and your customers need to get to trust you. Adding reciprocity to your sales process, and give before you would ask for the money.

3. Not Following Up

Have you ever been to a networking show or a regional business meeting collecting all the cards and forgetting about following up your leads? Generating leads in your business is not worth anything unless you can engage with the people you have added to your sales funnel. Get them to sign up for a free offer, attend your next workshop, or book a free consultation. This will allow you to keep your brand visible and make your prospects remember you.

4. Not Personalising Your Messages

If you are still using generic LinkedIn emails and are seeing no conversions, it might be time for a change. Make every message and every contact personal. Create client files and take notes during your meetings. When I hold a free brainstorming session with my prospective clients, I usually send out meeting notes via email after a couple of days, so they know that I didn’t just tick the box and are going for the sales, but I actually care about their business.

When it comes to email marketing, you will also have to ensure that you are segmenting your market into different categories; you don’t want to send the same message to people who have already bought from you and those who are just getting to know your brand.

5. Not Creating a Brand Story

If you have never done a 4Sight, you will need to pretend that you have to do it next week. You can learn a lot from simply paying attention to great 4Sighters; they all tell a brand story that helps them become more human and relatable. Having a story will make it easier to connect with your audience, not to mention starting a conversation. Brand stories will help you define what you stand for, as well as your mission and vision Once you have aligned your values and mission with your market’s, you can automatically improve your conversion rates.

If you would like to improve your online marketing conversions, the best way to go about the task is implementing a sales funnel and personalising your brand messages.