Are you a salesperson?

28 Jun 2016

Are You A Salesperson?

If I was to ask you to describe a typical salesperson, you’d probably come up with these kinds of responses:

  • Pushy
  • Arrogant
  • Doesn’t listen
  • Hard closer
  • Manipulative

The experience of dealing with these kinds of people wouldn’t be great and doesn’t bode well for a long term relationship… The good news is as consumers we won’t tolerate this kind of behaviour any more. So salespeople who are still like that are on a very slippery slope and will soon be thankfully extinct. Woo-hoo!

On the flip side if I asked you to describe a good salesperson, you’d probably come up with this kind of thing:

  • Helpful
  • Good listener
  • Asks lots of questions
  • Interested in the customer’s/prospect’s objectives
  • Challenges you in a positive way

Just take a moment to think about those last five points. I bet you possess most, if not all of those skills and characteristics. And no matter what you do in your role you probably have to use those skills to encourage others to consider your ideas and suggestions. In other words on a daily basis you influence and helpfully persuade. So even if you don’t directly sell a product or service you do sell your ideas! We are all salespeople - we just need to come to terms with it. Think about when you were a kid and how much you tried to influence and persuade your parents!


It’s important to understand and come to terms with this as we have to convince ourselves or we can’t convince others. We need to be convinced about every element of our offering - if there’s any element of what we do which we don’t believe in quite as strongly as we should then we need to work out why and get convinced! Before you WOW your customer/prospect you have to WOW yourself! You need to remind yourself in as many ways on a daily basis just how amazingly effective you are at what you do. You absolutely ROCK at what you do!

It’s said that we have to be able to demonstrate our credibility in as many ways as we can for as many types of people as possible. Well the same goes for us, in fact it’s even more important! It starts with us and sometimes we have to re-set and convince ourselves again. One way you can do that is to develop Wow Stories. A wow story is if someone was to say “Tell me something amazing you’ve done to help another business!”
This is where you unashamedly, yet truthfully, big yourself up. Here’s an example of one of mine:
I was hired to help a business when they were 4 months from their end of year and were tracking behind sales revenue target by 15%. After the first session the impact of the training we did together immediately increased their weekly sales run rate by 15%! On top of that I helped put a process in place which increased the engagement and motivation levels of the team members which meant the improvements became consistent and the deficit was recovered with the team finishing 99.5% of plan at year end! This is great because they now operate at an enhanced level of productivity and sustainable success to ensure they work comfortably ahead of plan.

Wow stories are examples where you have significantly exceeded expectations and often had other positive impacts as a result. You need to develop as many of these stories as possible. Look at them regularly and add to them. 

Celebrate your previous successes and they will help you achieve the next ones!