Brexit: Major survey of 4N members

23 Jun 2017

The 4N Brexit survey

More than 500 4N members replied to our Brexit survey, conducted online in May 2017, exploring people's views on year on from the vote taken on 23 June 2016.

4N members, as owners of small businesses, while they’ve not seen any significant changes to trading conditions in the last year, are keen for a deal to be made that enhances trading opportunities in the future.

While over 60% of those who completed the survey had voted ‘Remain’, around 50% of the total were now optimistic that the UK could secure a strong Brexit deal. This indicates that ‘Remainers’ are beginning to accept the result, move on and look forward in a positive way to what the future holds outside the EU.

As you would expect from a community of business people, the key priority expressed was for the UK to secure a favourable trading relationship with the EU rather than any focus on immigration. Retaining access to the EU single market was far and away the strongest reason given by people who chose to vote Remain. And to reinforce this, since the vote, unfavourable trade tariffs is the biggest fear going forward.

So, the message to politicians and negotiators from 4N members, one year on from the vote, is:
Put the economy front and centre in the upcoming negotiations.

You can download the pdf of the comprehensive survey results here:

Brexit Survey