Call for back up! Man down!

28 Mar 2017

The Scary Step of Essential Outsourcing.

We've all been there - we get to the stage where we don't quite have the spare money to hire someone in our business but at the same time, we're snowed under and suffocating under the pressure of day-to-day tasks. If something doesn't change, you're going to snap. I'm a VA and it terrified me when I outsourced my first piece of work, and I'd known my own VA almost 20 years at that stage!

So what can you do?

1) Give yourself a break
You've just built a business to the stage where it needs more than you to reach the next stage. This is great, congratulations! This can be a scary time for any small business owner. Our businesses are our babies and we're about to let someone else get involved in bringing it up.

2) Identify exactly where you need help
It might seem like you need help with everything because right now things feel all over the place. In fact your problem could be solved by removing just one or two simple jobs. A lot of people start off by outsourcing their emails to manage or have their calls diverted to a call handler. This can free up anything from 1-5 hours work a week. That's almost a day saved for you to focus on what is important to you and in your business. Failing that, you could spend the free time relaxing with your family or letting the creative juices flowing.

3) Ask friends and business acquaintances for advice and references
You don't want to risk starting a business relationship with some random person who you feel uncomfortable with. Finding someone who has worked with someone you know and has good references may help to take the stress out of the situation and to also help build trust quicker. Your friends will give you honest opinions and that's what you need. Plus, by talking about your situation it might give you some ideas of narrowing down where you need help.

4) Talk to potential suppliers / service providers
You don't need to sign up the first recommendation you hear. Talk to a few people and see if you click with anyone. Half the battle of working with someone closely on a daily basis is that you actually get along with them. For example, who wants a VA you'll hate after 2 weeks? No one. It'll bring no good to the business, however good they are. Most businesses I know are more than happy to arrange a meeting but if the person is not geographically close then I suggest some sort of video call. That way you'll be able to see the person.

5) Grow some balls
You're in this position because you've worked hard to get here. It can be a hard decision to make, to hand work over to someone else. But it needs to be done. So pull up your big girl pants and get moving. You'll be happy you did when you're laying on a beach in 6 months time and not having to worry about what's going on at work.