Do actions speak louder than words?

12 Dec 2017

Do actions speak louder than words?

Do actions really speak louder than words?

It’s a well-known phrase, but is it true for you? Do you walk the walk, talk the talk or are you all talk and no trousers?
It is true that if you don’t take action then nothing gets done, but what gets us off our backsides to do the stuff that needs to be done? Like the Christmas shopping!

Think about it!

In order to act, we need to have a thought (excluding the subconscious actions, like breathing, temperature control, digestion etc.). Our thoughts can come to us in many forms – words, pictures, voices, feelings & however our thoughts appear to us, we can transmit them for action by the same means or via another pathway if we choose. For example: You may imagine a picture of you & your guests around the Christmas table (not happening for me this year but that’s another story). The image will have all your favourite foods that you associate with Christmas. You may even smell the aromas given off from the food, rising in the steam; hear the sounds of the crackers being pulled; experience your mouth begin to water. With every sense, the image becomes stronger & more real.

That image may transfer into words as you add all those things to your shopping list, so giving you an instruction to go & buy. That done, you can pop them into your shopping basket & there you have it - your thoughts have led to action.

That’s all well & good for things we like or want to do. What if we hate doing the Christmas shopping or find it overwhelming? It all starts with the thoughts in our heads & the pathways we use to turn those thoughts into action. Get the thoughts right & the actions will follow. Get the mindset right & stuff gets done.

Get the right mindset

To get into the right mindset is easier said than done & is better achieved when you are not under stress but in a relaxed state. WARNING a ‘buy my stuff’ approaches!
Here are 5 steps to de-stress this Christmas that are included in the top 10 stress-busters:

1. Make yourself a warm cup of something that soothes you.
2. Pick up a copy of my Christmas book. I’ve purposely not put it in an e-book, so it’s tactile.
3. Sit down in a comfortable chair where your back is well supported.
4. Take 3 deep breaths. In through the nose & out though the mouth.
5. Immerse yourself in my book. It’s all about stress, but it’s funny. Takes you back in time & gives you tips for the future.

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“Ann's book From Stressed Angels to Wise Men is a great little read to gain some helpful insight & tips on how to deal with stress in life and big events such as Christmas. I highly recommend it to anyone who could use a little help in keeping things smooth at parties or family gatherings!”

Have a Peaceful Christmas & a Joyous New Year