Five ways to use video within your company

06 Mar 2017


Interview videos are a powerful tool when looking to build trust and rapport with your audience. With the right questions and answers you can position yourself as a thought leader or a person/company of knowledge. They are perfect for showcasing personalities and can put a face to your business or brand. You can talk about the business, processes, design, trends and give some insights into the industry.

Use these videos on your website, across social media and in your email campaigns.

An interview with Oliver Heath about Biophilic Design from Cube Video on Vimeo.

Customer Case Studies

Customer case studies are a great way to showcase your latest projects and give you the platform to showcase designs, materials, innovations and the team that are involved. Focus on the customer's problem and how you or your product help to solve it. Digging deeper into the inspiration and end product of the project will enable you to highlight not just the finished piece but also the process behind it. Aim to gain a point of view from someone at each stage of the process to explore the project from start to finish.

Using these on your website and across your social media channels is a great way to showcase your latest and best projects. These videos can also be used to send to your potential clients.

Case study video for Brintons featuring Twickenham Studios from Cube Video on Vimeo.

Product and Technical Skills Videos

Product and technical videos are a great way to put your best products and skills into the spotlight. These are the things that set you and your products apart from the competition. Showcase your craftsmanship and what makes your products different. This is a perfect way to highlight the processes that you use along with your original techniques and state-of-the-art facilities and any physical products you want to show off!
These are a great way showcase your quality or unique types of products and highlight any key features, gadgets or materials. These videos can then be used on your website to encourage people to use your product or service.

GoSquared Animation from Cube Video on Vimeo.

Behind The Scenes Access

Behind the scenes videos are a powerful tool to help build anticipation surrounding your latest product launch. Cleverly produced videos can get people instantly interested in what is to come in the future... Showcase the photography day or the process from start to finish.

Add these to landing pages, social media and email campaigns to entice the viewer to sign up to your mailing list for when the product is launched or to get VIP access to the event.

Content Teasers and Short Videos for Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool and with lots of potential influencers across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram you should always consider creating short content to be shared in order to drive attention and traffic to the full length version. Also if you are feeling creative, you could try creating short videos of your products on a phone to be used to promote the product in a short video.

Design Insider at Clerkenwell Design Week 2016 Preview from Design Insider on Vimeo.