Four foundations of a successful website

07 Sep 2017

The 4 Foundations of a Successful Website

So, you have a website but it’s not achieving what you want it to achieve. Maybe it’s not generating enough leads or it’s looking a little tired and out of date.

The truth is, when I launched my first business website I was desperate for it to succeed, but it didn’t. I tried everything and anything but could not quite make it happen. That was a long time ago and I am happy to say that things have changed since then.

If you feel like I used to, then this article is for you.

Read my 4 foundations of a successful website:

Step One: Hey, good looking

We live in a looks-obsessed generation. Glossy mags, reality shows and celebrity-culture all play their part, BUT, when it comes to your website, looks really do count!

4 necessities for a good looking website are:

  1. KISS principle – Keep It Simple Stupid. Simplify your site and ensure it’s clean and uncluttered. Don’t overwhelm – it’s not pretty!
  2. Use images – if budget allows, hire a photographer to get good shots of your premises, products and staff. They make the difference, I promise.
  3. 100% responsive – most people view your website on a mobile phone or tablet so a responsive website is an absolute necessity.
  4. Include video – if pictures say more than words, then how much more does video?

Step Two: You’re here to sell

Your website should be one of your most powerful marketing tools. It needs to be so much more than an online information point. In fact, it should be a red-hot lead generation machine.

Ask yourself these questions…

What one or two steps do I want visitors to take when they visit my website? Is it to download a free e-Book, to contact you, to get a quote, or to book a free consultation? What is it? Once you have decided, then build your website around this clear action that you want people to take.

Don’t be shy with your call to actions. Once you know the one or two actions that you want people to take, then place that call to action across your website. Not just on your home page but ensure that you have a well-designed and strategically-placed call to action on every page.

STEP Three: Get lost

Visitors to your website want to be able to move around your site easily and without hassle.

Have you heard of the 3 click rule? It says that visitors to your website need to be able to find the information they want within no more than 3 clicks. Is that true for your website?

Again, don’t clutter your website and avoid the temptation of trying to communicate everything and anything. It does more harm than good. Remember- KISS!

If your website is e-commerce, ensure that your most popular products are primely-placed on the home page. If most people visit your website for these products, don’t hide them away but make them super-easy to find.

STEP FOUR: The G Factor

Getting the first 3 foundations in place is important but without step four it’s all pointless. Your website needs to be found on Google.

7 quick tips to help you get found on Google:

  1. Content is king: your website text is vital. Ensure your keywords can be seen across your website for when Google come looking.
  2. Add a blog: adding 1 blog post a month to your website gives you 12 new pages to your website over a year and Google loves fresh content.
  3. It has to be responsive: if your website is not responsive, the long and short is that you will find it harder to be found.
  4. Google My Business Page: If you want to be found on Google, then it makes sense to have a good Google My Business page. Do it today if you don’t have one.
  5. Social media counts: more than ever before social media posting helps with your SEO. Get socially active.
  6. Video too: the same can be said for video. Getting professional videos is cheaper than ever before so get one or two on your website.
  7. Pull off a free report: Get a free SEO report that will tell you how your website is doing in terms of SEO. The report will give you a score out of 100 and then tell you what you need to do to raise that score.

Use this article as a checklist for your website and if you can get all 4 of these foundations in place, then you are on your way to a much more successful and effective website.