How to Consistently Create Content

04 Oct 2018

How to Consistently Create Content

As a small business marketer, you need to create content after content after content. Your website and your social media is screaming out for it, right? The more content you create, the more traffic you'll attract and the more customers you’ll eventually gain!

But there's a problem: Coming up with the ideas for that content is the stumbling block for many small business owners.

If you haven’t updated your blog or social media consistently because you can't think what to write, create or upload, then read on!

Ideas for your blog content can come from:

  • ‘Stupid’ questions you’re often asked
  • FAQs
  • Enquiries
  • Emails
  • Calls with clients or customers
  • Conversations at meetings
  • Or even an arranged brainstorming session

You don’t need to come up with the ideas anymore!

These common questions should form the basis and inspiration for your content.

Then, you need to start all this content marketing with a blog.


Because a blog is a large piece of content that you can create a load of small pieces of content from.

It’s like a turkey at Christmas! Cook a huge bird that feeds and supplies many meals over time.

One blog can populate your entire social media for a month, fortnight or week - and here’s how we do it...

Create a blog post of around 800-100 words. More the better but generally more than 300-400 words to help your SEO.

Then get your content out there and re-purposed like this:

  • Email it to your list
  • Share it on Twitter with hashtags
  • Post it on your Facebook Page and promote it
  • Share it on LinkedIn (post or re-purpose as an article)
  • Use it as a talk or piece during networking

Each week, fortnight, or month your content is now themed.


Creating content like this is great because you're answering the very people you need to attract and you're creating a monthly, fortnightly or weekly schedule you can easily stick too!

*Yeehaa! *