How to do a 4Networking Tour

22 Oct 2018

How to do a 4Networking Tour

Off the back of the biggest tour in 4Networking history (#4NBigTour18 – 15 meetings in a week, 1850+miles) I thought I’d put down my thoughts on how to do a 4Networking Tour.

4N Big Tour 2018

Firstly, 4Networking is a great platform for getting your message out there, be that about yourself, your products/services or your company.

The Big Tour we have just come back from was 8 months in the making. The first thing to do is to figure out where you want to go, ideally choosing meetings with as little crossover of people attending two of your meetings as possible, where you want to work in the country, and also where is physically possible to travel to from the previous meeting. Maximum travel time between meetings is:

Breakfast > Lunch = 2 hours Lunch > Evening = 4 Hours

You’ll need to consider rush hours and general traffic. Luckily for us we had the traffic gods with us, as there were a couple of really tight trips.

The next thing to consider is finding your matches, Breakfasts/Lunches/Evenings that work including the travel. After this, you’ll probably want to check that the 4Sight slot is available. Usually doing a 4N Tour will involve you doing the 4Sight to gain maximum exposure.

After that work out where you’re going to stay. We chose to make sure as much as possible we were staying where the next morning’s meeting was. We stayed in hotels and also at 4Ner’s houses which was great.

For the Big Tour we did in October 2018 everything was all planned and booked as far back as March 2018. The next 7 months were spent monitoring the meetings were still there and checking that nothing had changed and there were no major roadworks or closures that would affect our journey.

Before the tour itself, we started a big promotional push with the local teams in each area. You want as many people in the meetings as possible and it’s your responsibility to help with the marketing of your 4Sight and the meeting as a whole.

When you’re on tour, remember that trying to fit in working alongside touring is tough. Plan it in with your clients, and as far as possible make it that the tour is your major focus. Eating and drinking is key, so try as far as possible to eat healthily at the meetings. Three full meals a day can take its toll, and also remember to drink plenty of water, and schedule breaks in your driving.

What do you need for the meetings? Depending on the size of the tour, perhaps pre-written 1-2-1 business cards, remember your roller banners, and your bumf. Make sure you have enough (and probably a bit more for the meeting).

And finally the most important thing. Remember the reason you went on the tour (it’s probably to promote your business) so follow up! I had a system in place and I managed to get behind but I at least knew where I was.

Have a CRM in place and scan each business card (ideally during the meeting), put notes on the cards of your 1-2-1s (and any others you get) with what the issues that person had or why you are going to contact them, and also note down the meeting it was in.

Make sure you follow up with them as quickly as possible and also schedule in a second follow up perhaps a couple of weeks after the tour to touch base with them. In the time between the first and second follow up find them on social media to connect with them there.

We're proud of the Big Tour 2018, now it's your turn!