How To Generate LinkedIn Leads

01 Aug 2019

How To Generate LinkedIn Leads

Let's face it. LinkedIn is a place full of sensitivity. Everyone is protective of their business, and they are all trying to look more serious than they are. It is full of those who call themselves CEOs and are working in their bedroom or garage. But this should not hold you back from getting leads on LinkedIn. If you follow the etiquette, you can build relationships and get people to trust you, so they want to learn more about what you do. Here are a few tips to generate leads from LinkedIn without pissing people off.

Generate Interest

If you have an empty LinkedIn page, nobody will engage with you. Look through your profile and ask questions, be controversial, and make sure that you stand out and get noticed. Publish articles, updates, and don't fill your feed with your own links. You can in fact repost other people's blog articles, get people to want to learn more. Be passive before you get active. Answer every question that is relevant to your line of work.

Create Engagement

You cannot sit around and wait for people to get in touch with you. Set aside an hour a day or a week when you go through your feed, comment on posts that interest you, give your insight, and help out others. You will also have to respond to messages and comments. LinkedIn is good at suggesting replies, but people want to be in a relationship with you, and would rather not talk to robots.

Do Them a Favour

If you want people to connect with you emotionally and remember you, it is important that you create reciprocity. This means that you can offer to help them out, share their post, or even tag people in whatever they posted. You might already have a list of connections or a pile of cards from networking, and you can sit down and brainstorm who you can introduce to each other.

Ask Questions about Their Business

Instead of flooding your connections' inbox with content about your business, you can now ask questions about theirs. People want to be listened to, and that is why you will have to learn to shut up and ask the right questions. It is better to get them realise that you can help them than trying to convince them through a sales letter.

Get To Know Them Before You Engage with Them

Research your market, and create an ideal client sheet before you start engaging with your LinkedIn connections. Do your research, find out what they are doing, what type of leads they are looking for, and where they are in their buisness. Ask relevant questions and you will look like someone who is looking to genuinely help.

Yes, There Are Rude People. Just Move On.

Of course, there will be people who are only on LinkedIn to generate leads, and they don't want to be messaged to. There's no way around it. You will need to take a step back, block them, and just move on. If someone is not willing to listen and take advantage of your help, they are not your ideal client, and they certainly don't deserve your attention.

Finding the sweet spot of digital marketing is hard. Social media is still one of the best ways of generating leads, but you need to provide value first.

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