How Trading The Markets Turned Me Into A Passionate Meditator

03 Feb 2018

How Trading The Markets Turned Me Into A Passionate Meditator

How Trading The Markets Turned Me Into A Passionate Meditator

When I first started out trading I had no idea how the subconscious workings of my mind would throw huge spanners into the trading works. I loved trading the markets. I had made consistently good investing decisions and felt that intra day trading would come easily to me.

Like so many new traders before me I had a rude awakening to the realities of the markets

Within a year it become clear to me that I had to do something to curb the massive anxiety I experienced whenever I entered a trade. I was glued to the screen, unable to walk away for even a couple of minutes while I was in a position. The need to control was obsessive. Even trading just one futures contracts had me obsessively watching every tick.

Since those early days I discovered that I was not alone.

Some 17 years on, having worked with many professional traders, I realised that even professionals who had been in the game for decades went through periods when they had problems regulating their emotional state decimating their trading accounts.

This realisation came as a big surprise to me, because I too believed that my trading system would provide the Holy Grail to lasting trading success until I became aware that the person pulling the trigger on trades is not a machine, but a human being with emotional hang ups and subconscious issues which trading invariably brings out.

The challenge was turning the intellectual insight into a strategy I would calm my emotional state while I was trading.

Intellectually I knew that I was setting myself up for failure if I continued allowing fear and anxiety to rule my trading decisions. Just like the professional traders I have worked with knew that psychology is EVERYTHING in trading, yes, you read correctly: EVERYTHING, but didn’t know how to turn the intellectual knowing into practical application.

Learning to focus inward instead of outward, a major part of your trading plan and a seeming dichotomy:

Finding a system to suit you is relatively easy, particularly if you have some coaching to guide you in the right direction. The big joker in the pack is your untrained mind. Most traders give up because they are totally unprepared how trading triggers subconscious survival fears which have been dormant probably throughout a lifetime.

The fast-paced action of the markets throws the brain out of balance, and when that happens, regulating your emotional state becomes almost impossible.

My first experience with meditation was a popular form of Zen meditation, referred to as transcendental meditation

The practice made me feel calmer, but the very moment I sat in front of the screen the old fears came back. I discovered in my coaching practice that the same thing happened to my clients.

Then, one day I had a brainwave after reading some scientific study on how our brain processes information and learns new things. This study was the beginning of what I now call Transformational Guided Meditation. Much has happened since I first began the new form of meditation. I have learned different types of meditation, including Dr Joe Dispenza’s techniques, which I merged with my own unique form of meditation.

The results everyone who follows the simple drills is getting are amazing. The form of meditation activates different modalities of the brain, which creates new neural connections in the brain. Repeated regularly on a daily basis over time amazing things happen:

You become calmer, that’s just the beginning.

You feel better
You have more energy
You see more information on the charts
You become more patient
You notice your thoughts, feelings and emotions more
You become more self-aware
Your confidence increases
Your self-worth increases

And finally, your trading and your life improves...

While not a one day wonder, but a lifestyle choice, meditation works every time if you do it correctly. It is a magical tool. I make time for my meditation every day. I can’t tell you when I last missed a day.

I now fully understand the saying:

“If you think you don’t have time to meditate for half an hour, meditate for an hour.”

The practice sets you up to have a better day. It brings increased peace, joy and love to all areas of your life. I cannot recommend it highly enough. If I had not been trading the markets I would have never discovered the immense joy and huge benefits of Transformational Guided Meditation.