I feel good! about selling (part 2)

21 Dec 2016

How Do We Help Them Make It Their Decision?

So how do we find out more? We need to use these 3 questions: What, why and how? 

  1. What are their objectives?
  2. Why are the objectives important?
  3. How will achieving them help? 

These may seem like very simple questions but it’s the simple things that often get overlooked! The great thing about them is that they tell us so much. They’re squarely focussed on the person/ business we are speaking with and they portray a sincere curiosity and desire to help.

By asking these questions we’ll then build enough trust to be able to ask more challenging questions, such as what they’ve done previously and why they’re considering changing/ taking action. Even why they’re not using their current supplier! As you respond to each other you’ll be establishing if you are right to work with each other. Because of the helpful approach being adopted you’ll find they are drawn to you and start driving the conversation and ask stuff like, "So, what do we need to do next or how would this work?" That’s the green light for go!

The thing that gave you both the green light is that you had an understanding of each other and gained agreement during your conversation. Closing is simply getting agreement - so effectively you were getting yeses all the way until you got to the “yes” for let’s do it! It was all driven by their motives - so here’s an exercise to do to play with this thinking:

Reflect back to a time when it was really easy to do business with someone, re-analyse that and work out what worked or even ask them why they chose you - that tells you what they perceive as value and maybe you can give them more! Write down everything, fill the page and examine it. It's a powerful exercise!

Closing becomes easy when it’s driven by the customer and they steer the decision. We’re never going to get agreement with someone unless it is their decision, so focus early on about how you are going to find out about what they want to do and how you can help them do it. They’ll feel good about the interest you demonstrate and you’ll feel good too and you’ll find yourselves working together.

If you don’t end up working together, that’s fine. You can then make another recommendation or they may come back to you at a later stage (sometimes much later) when they are ready, so always leave on good terms and leave the door open! During my 4NTV Live 4Sight recently Mark Wilkins of D & M Blinds shared the fact that when he did this he was referred to 3 other people without yet doing business with the original person he saw!!

My final piece of advice is an instruction. Now I wouldn’t normally tell people what to say, but in this instance you must NEVER ask:

“So... what do you think?”

When we make decisions we have a feeling which we then justify logically – if you ask what they think, it feeds procrastination. They’ll stall even though the best course of action is to take action! So instead just ask: “How do you feel about us working on that together?”

They’ll feel good! You’ll feel good and that’s why I feel good about selling!

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