Is your lifestyle ruining your business?

04 Jul 2018

Is your lifestyle ruining your business?

Tips on making regular exercise and a better diet achievable and sustainable

Did you know that regular exercise can provide you with up to 4 hours of extra productivity a day? How?

  • Exercise helps keep you focused and alert, resulting in improved job performance.
  • Exercise enhances your body’s ability to transfer glucose and oxygen throughout your brain and body, therefore increasing your energy levels.
  • Exercise improves brain function. Research shows that people who are physically active score better in cognitive tests than people who lead a sedentary lifestyle.
  • Exercise can spark a breakthrough idea! Research shows that the average creative output rises 60% when a person is walking.
  • Exercise can help you find your optimal work-life balance. Research shows that people who stuck with their regular exercise routine experienced less trouble finding a work-life balance, possibly because structured activity helped them become better at time management and more confident in their ability to manage the demands of both work and home.

I’m sure we’d all like to be more productive - however, the stresses and strains of our busy lives make it hard to find the time or energy. So, here are

5 Top Tips to find time to fit exercise into your life

  1. Find an exercise you enjoy! If you don’t and you’re doing an exercise that’s not enjoyable, you’ll QUIT!

  2. Start with small steps: If you’re not an exerciser, don’t launch yourself into a gruelling training schedule that isn’t sustainable. Anything is better than nothing!

  3. Find someone to buddy up with! Having a friend to exercise with can really help you to remain committed. Knowing they’re waiting for you can be the difference between getting out of bed and snoozing the alarm! Even during the working day, it can be nice to get out and go for a walk during your lunch break. As mentioned earlier – it can boost creativity and spark new ideas.

  4. Have a goal. It can be long term or short term – preferably both. It may be running a 10K, climbing a mountain or swimming a mile, but having a goal gives your exercise great purpose.

  5. Schedule it into your day: Block it off in your diary, or, book and pay for a class or session. If you’ve paid, you’re less likely to cancel it or if it’s booked out of your diary, you’ll be more inclined to stick to it. Or, better still, get up and out before your working day has even got going.

And of course, exercise is fabulous but without a balanced diet, we won’t see the results of our labour.

So, here are:

5 Top Tips for food to tie in with the fitness

  1. Don’t skip meals. Your metabolism will slow down, and you’ll have less energy for exercise! It doesn’t matter how busy you are, if you aren’t fuelled correctly your work will suffer! We wouldn’t dream of not feeding our children so why do we think it is acceptable to miss meal times.
  2. Avoid processed food wherever possible! So much added fat, sugar and salt that our body simply doesn’t need. Again, have an accountability buddy who you can send pictures of your lunch too so you have someone to be aware of what you are eating. It is all too easy to sneak in the odd biscuit here and there and not realise the cumulative effect they have on your waistline.
  3. Listen to your body. Are you hungry or are you eating out of habit? Ask yourself this question before you mindlessly dip into the fridge or the biscuit cupboard.
  4. Keep well hydrated: at least 2 litres a day. Water has many functions, including flushing toxins through the body and maintaining healthy blood pressure, so it’s vital that we keep well hydrated, especially during the hotter weather. Plus, as your brain is made up of 73% water it is essential for improving mental output, decision making and concentration.
  5. Portion size! Portion sizes have increased massively over the past few decades. Our bodies don’t need all that fuel, especially if we’re not burning it off. Re-assess your portion sizes – are you eating too much?
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