Making 4N visitors welcome!

29 Jun 2016

Find Out Your Visitors' Motives & Objectives

It’s really important to make our visitors feel welcome and included as much as possible, particularly at a first visit. For some it might be their first ever experience of networking. Remember what that was like? All kinds of apprehension and concerns! Anyone else nearly turn the car round and go home?

Part of making them feel welcome is how we greet them and settle them into the meeting. We are a very friendly bunch at 4Networking so tend to be great at rolling out the red carpet. A smile goes a long way, plenty of eye contact, the offer of a drink, letting them know the layout of the venue, talking them through the meeting format and how to arrange 1-2-1s etc.

Something we can always be better at though is finding out what a successful meeting will be for THEM. No one comes to a meeting to waste their time (well, apart from certain members of the employed working population!) So why not find out how to make it productive from the get-go? Here’s where we have to challenge ourselves: do you know enough about your visitors’ motives? It starts with some really simple questions, here are some examples:
“What would you like to get out of the meeting today?” “What’s making you consider 4Networking?” “What brings you here today?”
When they’ve told you what their initial objective is, don’t just stop there- ask this amazing 2 word question: “What else?” This will prompt them to think of the next thing and the next thing…
This isn’t pushy as long as we are sincerely curious, so don’t just stop when you think you’ve found out everything initially -  ask what else, what else, what else? This creates more opportunities for you to be able to introduce them to people who can demonstrate how 4N can help them with moving toward these objectives.

This genuine curiosity should also be mirrored in your own business too, as your customers and prospects will respond so positively and are more likely to share information with you that helps you to help them.
To put all this into context, here are some real-life examples of the kinds of objectives people have given when they come to 4N. I surveyed some members who joined in the last couple of months with the question:
“What were/are the compelling reasons you joined?” Let’s find out!
“Promote my biz”
“Referrals…initially, but I soon realised I was surrounded by people who could give me personally and my business all kinds of support and advice I hadn’t even considered!”
“New contacts and personal development”
“Referrals and social side”
“To be able to move between groups”
“I want to franchise my biz –so I’d like to source trusted suppliers I can then recommend to my franchisees in other parts of the country”
“The timings of the meetings and frequency really attracted me.”

So, get curious - see how much you can find out about what your visitors want to achieve from our meetings and you might even inspire them to come up with something they didn’t think was possible!

Thanks to Rupert Marlow for the great picture!