"Michael, there's no Forum!"

04 Oct 2018

"Michael, there's no Forum!"

Since we launched the new website this week, I've had several inquiries (and a few complaints) that there was no forum.

Actually, there is. You're just looking at it wrong.

You see, you're looking for that forum we had in 2006, 2010, 2014, and 2016. The problem is, it's 2018. And the forum format that served us so well in the past is dead.

Dead. No more. Passed on, bereft of life. It's gone to meet it's maker.

The forum is dead. Long live the new forum.

That's right. We really do have a new forum. It's just that you have to look for it with modern eyes.

Old way: Selling your stuff. In the old days, you could do a post to promote your business.
New way: Have you looked at the Marketplace? You can promote your stuff and your services by doing an "I'm Promoting" post. Even better, we only allow paid members to post here, blocking out the spammers. Anyone on the site can respond to a Promoting post though, allowing you to reach the widest audience.

Old way: Looking for stuff. In the old days, you could ask for suggestions of products and services that you needed. New way: Again, the Marketplace is where you want to be. You can seek suggestions for products or services by telling our members what you are after in a Looking4 post. Anyone (even free members) can post here. But, only Paid members can respond. Another great benefit of paid membership!

Old way: Promoting 4Networking events. Everyone loves a 4N meeting, and making noise on the forum keeps the momentum going.
New way: So, keep making noise! Our team members can send timeline messages to past attendees and anyone who follows their group using the Marketing function at the top of the team page.

Old way: Banter. The old forum was well known for banter and chit-chat.
New way: In today's world, social media provides more ways than ever to connect. The 4Networking Community on Facebook is a modern, dynamic platform that we can never replace with an archaic, dozy business forum from "the old days".

The 4Networking Community has 27,000 members. 21,000 of those are UK based. There have been over 4,000 posts in the last month and 16,273 active members (people who have viewed, posted, commented or reacted). We never had that volume of activity on the old forum.

However: You can also follow (and be followed by) 4N members using those functions in the new website. Just search for a mate's profile and click that magic button.

So, here we are. 2018. with a new website packed full of powerful features.

What's your plan? Navel gazing and playing the "remember when" game, or embracing the future?

The opportunity is there. Go get it!