Myth busting facts about summer holidays

11 Aug 2017

A change is as good as a rest!

Holidays (even staycations) are a change to the daily routine. It does us good to get out of a routine every now and then. Change gets us out of our comfort zone to do things we don’t normally do. As a species, humans don’t react to change very well unless we have some direct control over it. We should have control over our holiday plans but our expectations are often exaggerated & if something unexpected happens (delayed flights, accommodation changes etc.), it stresses us out & we find it so hard to get the ‘rest’ out of the holiday. It’s often the case that we need a rest to get over the stresses of the holiday.

I need a holiday in the sun, some warmth!

Sunshine is good for us, as it develops vitamin D in our bodies, which keeps our bones, teeth & muscles healthy. It keeps us healthy, but not necessarily happy as in fact, the opposite appears to be true. According to a survey out in March this year, the happiest place on earth is Norway ( which may have its fair share of sunshine but is not known for its flip-flops & bikinis. The happiest place to be in the UK is in the Western Isles of Scotland, which have less sunshine than the rest of us with around 1,000 hours of sunshine a year compared to 1,300 on average for the rest of the UK. So, if you’re planning an idyllic holiday in the sun it may be cheaper to look closer to home!

I need to recharge my batteries

A few years ago when I first had a mobile phone I charged the battery overnight about once a week. Today’s mobiles phones need charging pretty much every day because they do so much more ‘stuff’ than the first phones. It’s the same with today’s humans. We do so much more than we used to do – because of technology.

Being on holiday won’t give you the chance to recharge your battery as you’ll still be going at the same pace, just in a different location. You’ll probably still have the children, partner, relatives or friends around, and with the best will in the world, they will drain, not replenish your batteries. If you’re one of those who answers work emails whilst on holiday – well you’ve no chance of topping up, let alone recharging.

The right way to R&R

Rest & Relaxation by definition is REST: relaxation from exertion or labour. RELAXATION: the return of a system to equilibrium after a displacement from this state. I go to the gym at least once a week but don’t consider this R&R. Jogging on a treadmill, lifting weights or rowing to nowhere is neither restful nor relaxing. It enhances my well-being & keeps my body in shape so I can keep up with the Grand Girls. It is not R&R!

We all understand the need to be more active in order to live a better life physically. Being with the children/family/pets on holiday is good for all of us, but do we understand the need to be more restful and relaxing in order to live a better life emotionally?

The best way to R&R this summer is to take time out & do absolutely... nothing. How long you spend doing nothing is up to you; where you go to do it is irrelevant; when you do it is important; who you do it with makes a difference; why you do it is obvious – TO KEEP YOU SANE!