Start 2018 with a Cocktail

13 Jan 2018

Start 2018 with a Cocktail

My viewpoint on New Year

I’ve never been one for staying up to see the New Year in & 2017/18 was no exception. I was tucked up in bed by 10.30! When awoken from my slumbers by the midnight fireworks I felt smug rather than annoyed. Thankful that I was warm under the duvet & glowing with contentment (a bit like the Ready Brek advert if you remember it) instead of out in the cold, pretending to delight in seeing my breathe create frozen fog & listening to the canine chorus that broke out after every explosion.
Not putting much emphasis on the New Year, I have never been one for New Year Resolutions. Yes, I used to make them & yes, I used to break them because ….. that’s what’s expected. A self-fulfilling prophecy that sets us up nicely, so the first thing we achieve in the New Year is the success of failing. What an oxymoron!

The ‘Ally’ Cocktail

Preceding the New Year we have all the stresses of Christmas when we are often under pressure – chronologically, financially, emotionally, mentally & physically. A destructive cocktail of ‘… allys’! This is not a good time to be making any kind of decision, promise or resolution let alone acting on it. Then comes ‘Twixmas’ when we hang around, eat leftovers & wait for the New Year to arrive. Norwegians, by the way, call this time ‘Romjul’. Then comes the New Year celebrations which usually involve partially sincere salutations to people you’ve never met before, noise &copious amounts of alcohol.
The best favour we can do for ourselves at this time of year is to get our cocktail of ‘allys’ perfectly blended with the right balance of what’s right for us. How do we know what’s right for us? We can work that out for ourselves, but it often takes a few cocktails to work out the right blend. Everyone should experiment with life & try out new flavours, new ways of mixing things together. It can be fun, develops us as human beings & opens us up to new revelations & insights.

DIY cocktail mixing

The downside of mixing our own cocktails is that we can spend so long working out the right mixture that we become

a) Intoxicated (assuming you use alcohol as a base – a substance widely used to make pomegranate juice palatable, turn your liver a funny colour & guarantee you a great time that you’ll never remember)
b) Despondent
c) Overly self-critical
d) Frustrated

The secret to a good cocktail is a Mixologist

If you’re going out for an evening of celebration & fancy a cocktail, do you ask the bar tender for a glass of this, a bottle of that, a measure of the other, a cocktail shaker & some paper umbrellas? No! The evening would be over before you mix one you could call palatable & you’d have spent a fortune. The secret to a good cocktail is a Mixologist. An expert that can create a cocktail recipe that is perfectly balanced & suits you down to the ground. Not so that you’re falling over drunk to the ground! I mean, to provide a firm grounding on which to start your next celebration or the rest of your evening/week/month/year.