Stop typing and tapping - start writing!

09 May 2017

I Met a Guy from SalesForce Once...

We had a coffee. He told me that SalesForce do EVERYTHING on a smartphone or tablet. To prove that you can. But here's the kicker - it's a sackable offence to own a laptop or work on one as a SalesForce employee! I secretly wish I could do that. I wrote this article on my iPhone. But I need my laptop.

But here's the thing... I've recently grown a fondness to paper and writing things down and I think you should too! I realised the information wasn’t going in.

On holiday I read books, not iBooks and eBooks. I read from paper and the info goes in. When I read articles like this online I skim read. You probably do the same.

This Article Was Written to be Skimmed…

I know you (and many others) are prone and primed to skim read this. So I write articles so you can. I'd rather you read it, than not. And I also know that if you get just one thing from this you're more likely to share it on social media. That's all I ask. But you won't if it's hard to read and take in the information!

ANYWAY… back to the paper and why it works. Paper and pencils or coloured pens work because they put your brain into a different mode. According to some really clever bods, it clears your mind for higher-level thinking. Writing out your to-do list at the start of each day boosts your memory and it really helps your productivity too!

Online content doesn’t do that when you think about it. You get distracted by Facebook and the latest email. Your notepad doesn't know or care about Facebook. Writing a note in your iPhone on the move is a real blessing and I do it a lot. It’s saved to the cloud so it's safe too… but you don’t remember it like you do when you write it down!

I’ve Banned Tech in my Workshops

I love tech. I love my digital partners, my iPhone, laptop and my fitbit. They all constantly talk to each other and keep me on track... but I've banned them in my workshops. I want my workshops to change people and I want them to pay attention. I know now that writing your notes down changes the way your brain processes the information... so I've banned phones and laptops. Seriously.

The bonus is, they write the notes in their branded Spaghetti Agency booklets and then carry them around with them. Look what Dionne shared on her video testimonial!

Have you ever felt a connection to a Word document in the cloud? Nope, me neither.

All my plans, strategies and even my talks and 4Sights are now all created on paper; they’re tangible and they’re special like that!
There’s loads of stuff that it suits me to have in our online systems, but certain things I keep for paper. I still have LOADS in the cloud, don't get me wrong... but I CREATE on paper!

Start Writing Things Down. It Was a Revelation for Me and it Might be for You

I have paper calendars for my marketing planning and I use paper cue cards for talks. I even plan blogs on paper sometimes, too! Grab a pen and paper and see the difference it makes next time you need to remember something or create it.

I love my iPhone, I really do, but the content and learnings I take from it or remember when I put in it is minimal at times!
What do you think? Do you write things down? Let me know in the comments… or send me a postcard!