The 365 Challenge

04 Dec 2017

I was asked the other day at a 4N meeting what is PTSD, why did I create The 365 Challenge and how does taking part in The 365 Challenge help?

PTSD stands for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and why should we be aware of it? It has been estimated that a quarter of all deaths can be attributed to PTSD & mental ill-health, so isn't that enough to want to do something about raising awareness? I'm very proud that through our website details of some amazing counsellors can be found. I have been advised that so far 25 people have approached the counsellors and are now receiving help.

As those who have heard my 4Sight will know PTSD has featured heavily in mine and my family’s life. Between the ages of 14 and 16 I suffered at the hands and feet of bullies, being kicked and punched daily for having the temerity of being born Jewish and having a Saturday job as a shampoo boy in a ladies' hairdressers, which according to those enlightened 14 year olds made me GAY. Coupled with a series of car smashes, a business failure and my wife & children suffering life-changing conditions, by the time I reached 40 I seriously thought of driving my car at speed into a brick wall. Fortunately, I didn’t and reluctantly I went into counselling and that saved my life. PTSD has also affected my wonderful wife, who 20 years ago was diagnosed with breast cancer. Even though she is now entering her 20th year of remission, she still has a problem when confronted with red liquid that resembles her chemo drug, and causes her to suffer flashbacks.

Through my own experiences, conversations with counsellors and those in the fitness industry I know that one of the best ways to help someone who is suffering from depression (or the blues) is to raise their endorphins. The best way of doing this is through exercise and by taking part in The 365 Challenge this is exactly what you are doing.

How can you take part in The 365 Challenge? 

The answer is, if you can walk and film yourself walking 22 paces, you can take part. As the name implies, the the challenge is split into 365 sessions (not days). If all you can manage is one session then that's OK. If you feel that you could manage 365 sessions then it is very simple. Every time you fancy doing a session try and chose a different exercise or activity. For one session walk 22 paces, for another do 22 squats, another time make 22 biscuits or raise a glass 22 times etc and as you're doing these repetitions (reps) say on film "I'm taking part in The 365 Challenge to raise awareness of the effects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, which is in association with The Gym Group". When you get to session 100 you then do 30 reps, at session 200 increase to 40 reps and finally when you get to session 300 you need to do 50 reps.

Please remember you are not expected to nominate anyone, raise any money or make any donations.Thanks to the support of Metro Bank please let me know if you would like a t-shirt to wear while you're taking part.

Apart from Metro Bank, I must thank 4N Regional Leaders such as Karen Gee, Heidi Chaplin and Frank Harris, as well as Area Leaders such as Mukesh Savani and Gareth Jones and all the Group Leaders for encouraging me to present The 365 Challenge 4Sight around the country. I would also like to thank 4N MD Jason Dutton for the fact that 4Networking are supporting The 365 Challenge & Fiona Scott for helping to promote The 365 Challenge.

If the idea of taking 1 to 2 minutes a day to help save someone’s life or you fancy becoming a supporter, then please contact me via my 4N profile:

David Baum

. #nomorePTSD #PTSDsucks