The magic of the three Fs

02 Aug 2016

Feel, Felt, Found.

When I was a sales manager a question I was often asked was this - how do you deal with a competitor's cheaper price objection when you are presenting your solution to the client?

We have all heard the “Gleam O’ Glaze looks the same as yours, same guarantee but they are cheaper” phrase that the client throws in. It’s not to say they will buy from Gleam O', but they know or have heard they are cheaper.

Can you offer a better price than your quote? Probably not - if you could then perhaps you should have done so in the first place. Can you argue that your product is better? If you can, do you have the evidence to hand, and is it compelling enough to justify the difference?

In many cases the sales person packs their bag and writes the presentation off as a bad day.

I have found over the years that by adopting three simple words you can, in many cases overcome this argument.

Feel, Felt, Found.

It’s as simple as that.

“I know exactly how you feel.”

“Many of my clients have felt the same as you.”

“But, after doing some research, what they have found is...”

If this simple phrase is practiced and backed up by testimonials, industry evidence and a smile, it’s amazing how quickly the objection is overcome. As it may not have been a genuine objection in the first place, merely a reason not to make a decision now. The sales person that packed their bag early will never know if it was a genuine objection or not, and every time they hear “Gleam O’ Glaze is cheaper” they will immediately admit defeat.