What all entrepreneurs have in common with motorsport

29 Aug 2017

Four Ways I Think Motorsport Is Similar To Being An Entrepreneur

What a glorious August Bank Holiday weekend the UK had and I was lucky enough to attend the MotoGP at Silverstone Circuit on Sunday 27th August 2017. As my dad is a professional rally driver and also competes in Formula Ford, I have grown up around motorsport and love the atmosphere and buzz of such events, as the tension and excitement builds prior to the race, especially in the paddock and pits where we managed to have full access.

Whilst at Silverstone, I started to think how motorsport has similar qualities to my business. A few months ago, having decided that the letting industry had lost its way with regard to customer service and modern technology, I started my own local letting agency "homes4harrogate" and also became the author of the Harrogate Landlord Blogs. This was no easy decision but has quickly become the best one of my life.

Here are four things needed by entrepreneurs AND competitive racers:

1.Motivation and Determination:
In order to succeed, you have to have the above. Without this, I'm pretty sure, you wouldn't leave full-time employment with its income security and holiday pay. You can physically see the determination on any competitive drivers face, their whole demeanour screams determination. They spend hours in their hospitality trucks getting "in the zone" before a race.

2. Hard Work and Discipline
Any business owner will tell you that it isn't easy, putting yourself out there and making a success of what you do. To get to a certain point it takes a lot of hard work, on a daily basis. As with motorsport, you start off at a lower level and work your way up through the ranks, one step at a time, you don't just enter the race at MotoGP level.

3. Positivity and Resilience
There are going to be tough days, days where you don't feel you have placed as high as you could have, you will second guess yourself and compare yourself to the competition and without positivity and resilience it would be very easy to give up. Your body and mind need to be in the best place possible to get up and perform every day!

4. A Desire To Distinguish Yourself
The most important thing I have learnt from a lifetime of watching competitive motorsport is that you need to have a desire to "BE THE BEST AT WHAT YOU DO" and right now, my desire has never been stronger.