What should I include on my website?

14 Apr 2019

What should I include on my website?

Your website is marketing for you 24/7 is a key part of your business and often the first interaction many potential customers will have with you. First impressions count so make sure your website is well designed, represents you and your company and has up to date relevant content that users are looking for. Try adding some of these features to your website to make it work even harder for you.

1. What do you do?

People are looking for confirmation that they're in the right place. We often do this within the first 5 seconds of viewing a website, so make sure it’s clear from the word go. Provide an introduction to your business with key facts such as what you offer, how long you’ve been running for and how you can help them. For example, you might be a building contractor based in Manchester who’s been working in the industry for over 20 years and are looking to take on larger projects. It’s important to be clear about the type of client you’re looking to attract, for example:

“Experienced building contractors serving Manchester City and surrounding areas. Our professional team are experts in renovating and extending bars, restaurants and clubs”

This message tells people what you do, where you’re based and what type of work you do without them having to read lots.

2. Imagery

Good quality images are a must. Make sure you’ve uploaded the correct size images, the lighting is complimentary and the subject is in focus. If relevant you could add before and after photos to demonstrate your work. When you add them to your website, check what they look like and make sure they’ve not come out stretched as this can look unprofessional. If you don’t have any imagery you can try places likes Unsplash or Pexels who offer lots of different imagery.


Turn visitors into customers by putting clear call to actions to contact you. Include things such as a phone number, email, an address or even a contact form. Place them in common places people are used to looking, such as the footer and have a dedicated page for it too. By having a dedicated page you can also review analytics to see how many people are viewing your contact page against how many people are actually contacting you.


Depending on your service you maybe able to provide a price list, for example a hairdressers could include how much treatments are with each stylist. If you’re a restaurant provide a menu with prices to convince users to book a table with you.

5.Customer testimonials

Customer testimonials help establish credibility and provide unbiased comments that may prompt users to pick your service. Ask recent customers for a quick message about the work you carried out, or their experience of visiting you.

Hopefully one or all five of these items has helped you think about your own website and how it can be working harder for you!