When Mark Zuckerberg Joined 4Networking

23 Feb 2018

When Mark Zuckerberg Joined 4Networking

The Day Mark Zuckerberg Joined 4Networking

You may have noticed that on Thursday 22 February that all our 4N Facebook pages suddenly re-directed to Mark Zuckerberg’s page. After an initial 9am panic email of ahhhhhhh help, I broke Facebook! I started looking for a logical answer as to why 4N had suddenly become the founder of Facebook.

I contacted Todd to see if he has any insights and he informed me that Mark Zuckerberg’s page is URL is facebook.com/4 and ours is facebook.com/4NetworkingHQ, for some unknown reason Facebook had started to ignore anything past the /4 and all our pages were being re-directed! By this point, my panic had started to subside as at least I hadn’t broken our Facebook but the issue its self still remained.

On further investigation, it seemed that any pages with a URL starting with a low numerical value was being redirected to one of the Facebook founders so 5 Minute Crafts was now Chris Hughes. This was the final indicator that I hadn’t in fact broken Facebook and there must have been an update overnight that was causing the issue.

Anyway, after search around for a support desk, I managed to get on an instant chat with Facebook support and told them of the issue, unsurprisingly they were already aware and working to fix the problem. I imagine someone else sent and ahhhhhh help email that morning as well. They said the issue would be fixed by the end of the day but turns out half an hour was all they needed to get 4Networking back to a page I recognised.

Overall, I think there are a few lessons to be learnt from this:

  1. It’s not always your fault when things go wrong
  2. Don’t panic and speak to others who may be able to help, especially in 4Networking, you are never alone
  3. Finally, even multi-billion-dollar companies make mistakes and the world didn’t end