Why being self-obsessed is important

10 Jun 2016

No-one’s taking photos of me doing my thing and then sharing it on Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat for me...

No-one is telling anyone else about me, but me. I imagine you’re in the same boat.

Some people tell me that sometimes I can look a little bit vain or self-centred. I’m constantly talking about myself, my business, my brand and what we’re all up to. But the reason I do that because no one else is going to do it for me. If I didn’t share it… who would?

No-one else is going to talk about YOUR business like YOU will. No one else cares about your business as much as you do. And no-one’s sharing your story.

Yes, it is a bit weird when you see people walking and talking about themselves whilst videoing themselves on their phone. Yes, seeing people create content about themselves might seem really egotistical. But if they mix it up with content that offers value as well then there’ll be a good amount of value in the storytelling too.

No-one else is out there thinking about my business, writing blogs about me, following me around and telling my story… not yet anyway. So I do it for them, or for me, whichever way you look at it.

Storytelling is important you see

It’s what makes people remember you as that’s how the human brain processes information – in a story format. If you’re a small business or a growing brand you need to tell your story to be remembered. In fact if you’re a HUGE brand you still need to do that: and they do.

My advice? Share where you are, where you’re going, and how you’re getting there.

  • If you’re speaking at an event, tell people and show them photos of you doing it.
  • If you’re at an expo then share photos of you setting up, exhibiting, and what you’re up to there.
  • When you’re launching a new product, talk about it throughout the creation process and make sure that when you finally launch it people are already hooked on your story.

I run Leamington Evening 4Networking

It’s one of the biggest 4N groups in the UK and apart from loads of marketing and making sure we run a tight ship, storytelling is what makes people come. The story makes it memorable, tangible, interesting, unmissable and something they want to be a part of.

We’ve told the story of that group for over six months now. It changes, evolves and updates constantly and I’m really gobby about it! Even though others share the odd tweet and tag a few people on Facebook while they’re there, I don’t rely on it. I live tweet it, video myself entering the building, setting up and I take selfies, pictures and share it all on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat throughout. I don’t have a social team or film crew following me around.

The result? A popular group that everyone in the network knows about. Waiting for someone else to tell the story? Pointless.

So be a bit more active about sharing

  • Don't be frightened of creating videos whilst you're walking in the park (although maybe look where you're going!)
  • Get over the fact you don't like yourself on video.
  • Get over the fact that you don't like hearing your own voice.
  • Get over the fact that sometimes people won’t like what you say.
  • Be a little bit less self-conscious, because the last time I looked no-one else is following you around and sharing your story.

It’s all about you… in your story it is, anyway.