You have to speak to strangers

03 Jun 2016

You have to speak to strangers to win new business

If you’re like most people you were told this as a child and those of you with children, you will have told them the same: "Never speak to strangers!"

I remember as a little boy as my mum drove me to school she would always remind me that I should never speak to strangers.

Whatever line of business you’re in, you need to go out and talk to strangers. They are the people who are going to do business with you; they are your next new customers. Strangers. So it feels slightly odd that as children we were brought up being told NOT to speak to strangers and now as adults trying to build and grow our businesses, the only way to do that is by talking to strangers!

Can you imagine being a car dealer and remembering your mummy telling you that you mustn’t talk to strangers! You’d be the most unsuccessful car salesman ever!

Imagine a potential car buyer walking into your showroom and coming over to your desk to ask about one of your cars. What would you say?

“Hey Mister go away! My mummy told me I mustn’t talk to you.”

“Sorry? I’m here to look at a new Mercedes CLS. Can I arrange a test drive?”

“No way man! I’m sorry but I can’t talk to strangers!”

You have to talk to strangers every single day.

So how many strangers have you spoken to in the last 14 days? I bet not that many. And by talk to, I don’t mean sending out emails or tweeting on Twitter or connecting via LinkedIn. I mean on the telephone or face to face. Because that is the best way to win new customers and win new business. You must pick up the phone and starting dialling and calling new customers.

They’re the people with the next bit of cash for you and your business. And the beautiful thing about this – having to talk to strangers- is that they are everywhere! Seriously, everywhere you go there are truckloads of strangers and many of them will need your products and services.

  • If you’re a bookkeeper there are hundreds of small business owners out there who need your help.
  • If you’re a personal fitness trainer, within a 5 mile radius of where you live I guarantee you, there are hundreds of potential clients who want to lose weight and tone up.
  • If you’re a web designer, not only are there thousands of people out there with business websites which are out of date and in need of a redesign, there are over 50% of small business owners who still do not have a website!

I don’t care what business you’re in, there are hundreds of new customers waiting for you to get in touch with them so they can give you business.
It’s your job to go out and find them and start talking to them. And do you know one of the best and fastest ways to them? Via your friends and family.

If you’re like most people I know, your friends and family will have no real clue what you do! Think about it. Isn’t that true? Most of your friends and family don’t have any idea what you do for a living. We’re too polite. We sort of know but not really. So start by getting in touch with your friends and family members and tell them what you do and how you can help them. And ask them to tell all their friends and work colleagues and extended family about you and your business and your products and services.

I promise you; you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the reaction.

Begin with your friends and family, this will give you the confidence to then start targeting and speaking to strangers too.