• Why Discounting Makes You A Liar!

    4NTV S01 Ep18 | Paula Cohen

  • 40 Years of Sales, 40 Years of Tales

    4NTV S01 Ep17 | Terry Cooper

  • Pull your knickers up and box on!

    4NTV S01 Ep16 | Michele Ibbs

  • If I can do it, anyone can

    4NTV S01 Ep15 | Josh Peers

  • Every big opportunity starts with a little conversation

    4NTV S01 Ep14 | Stefan Thomas

  • How to become an author for under £20

    4NTV S01 Ep13 | Richard Abrahams

  • Yes you can

    4NTV S01 Ep12 | Richard McCann

  • It's been a fantastic year

    4NTV S01 Ep11 | Paul Ryan

  • The Bendy Man Feedback Game

    4NTV S01 Ep10 | Martyn Sloman

  • To get what you really want, you might have to do something you hate!

    4NTV S01 Ep09 | Dave Kitchen

  • Who Cares, Wins!

    4NTV S01 Ep08 | Rachael Shalloe

  • Not being paid? It's your fault!

    4NTV S01 Ep07 | Geoff Davies

  • Cocktails and Shakefaces

    4NTV | S01 Ep6 | Steve the Barman

  • Things you didn't know you didn't know about Social Media

    4NTV | S01 Ep5 | Laura Brown

  • Reasons to be cheerful

    4NTV | S01 Ep4 | Jen Hinds

  • Life and Business lessons from 25 years in video games

    4NTV | S01 Ep03 | Jason Dutton

  • Hindsight - Its A Wonderful Thing

    4NTV | S01 Ep02 | Dee Atkins

  • What Happy Number are you today?

    4NTV S01 Ep01 | Ian Dickson

  • Taking the B**** S*** out of SEO

    4NTV S02 Ep12 | Chris Grice

  • Why filling the fridge is at the heart of every family business

    4NTV S02 Ep11 | Peter Roper

  • Why are some people more successful than others

    4NTV S02 Ep10 | Rob Morgan

  • How Walt Disney changed my life in my lunch hour

    4NTV S02 Ep09 | Karen Chambers

  • About a Boy

    4NTV S02 Ep08 | Todd

  • How the death of a hamster impacted Michelle's sales figures.

    4NTV S02 Ep07 | Sarah Short

  • How the hell do I sell online?

    4NTV S02 Ep06 | Richard Howes

  • Why I am a Cyborg and how that will help you in business

    4NTV S02 Ep05 | Rachael Chiverton

  • What do I get?

    4NTV S02 Ep04 | Martin Byrne

  • Creating a “Magical" first impression

    4NTV S02 Ep03 | Craig Petty

  • Brians Life Story

    4NTV S02 Ep02 | Brian Morrison

  • The reason you can't sell....It's your Mothers fault!

    4NTV SO2 Ep01 - Benjamin Dennehy

  • Things to consider when selecting the best mortgage for you

    4NTV S03 Ep14 | John Edward

  • Decisions

    4NTV S03 Ep13 | Michael Nagles

  • Anything is Possible: Fat Boy To Ironman

    4NTV S03 Ep12 | Craig Davies

  • Through adversity breeds success

    4NTV S03 Ep11 | Zoe Bennett

  • Grabbing Life by the Proverbi-balls!

    4NTV S03 Ep10 | Arwyn Bailey

  • Keep Going!

    4NTV S03 Ep9 | Chris Hodgkiss

  • 4Networking, Lord Sugar and I

    4NTV S03 Ep8 | Richard Woods

  • How to avoid being an MLM Zombie

    4NTV S03 Ep07 | Michelle Turner-Davidson

  • The Neuroscience of Happiness and Success"

    4NTV S03 Ep06 | Trevor Hoskisson

  • Top 5 Tips for getting more stuff done!

    4NTV S03 Ep05 | Grant Erskine

  • What can a treasure hunter teach you about business?

    4NTV S03 Ep04 | Adam Redshaw

  • From Rags to Chocolates

    4NTV S03 Ep 03 | Jo Clayton

  • Now What? A Decision 10 years in the making

    4NTV S03 Ep02 | Brad Burton

  • Are Dyslexics Predisposed Entrepreneurs

    4NTV S03 Ep01 | Kirk Pickstone

  • Over the mountains, over seas and over here

    4NTV S04 Ep09 | Olive Hamilton - Andrews

  • Meet the best you

    4NTV S04 Ep08 | Sian Rowsell A reflective and interactive 4Sight that will help you bring the ‘best you’ to your next 4N meeting

  • Make your leadership team role pay

    4NTV S04 Ep07 | Michele Ibbs

  • A Guide to Smart Property Investing

    4NTV S04 Ep06 | Samuel Leeds

  • My greatest challenge

    4NTV S04 Ep05 | Paul Bird

  • Talk like Ted

    4NTV S04 Ep04 | Michael Nagles

  • How I became ironing man

    4NTV S04 Ep03 | Gareth Sanders

  • How to turn a handicap into an advantage

    4NTV S04 Ep02 | David Taylor

  • Create your very own personal best

    4NTV S04 Ep01 | Ann Bach

  • You don't make parachutes

    4NTV S05 Ep12 | James Hutchinson

  • Business lessons learned from being punched in the face

    4NTV S05 Ep11 | Simon Hunt

  • Be a better Speaker

    4NTV S05 Ep10 | Brad Burton

  • Magic and Motivation

    4NTV S05 Ep09 | Craig Petty

  • Total Market Domination

    4NTV S05 Ep08 | Russell Leads

  • Where did they all come from and why

    4NTV S05 Ep07 | Jane Propert

  • Time to get outside!

    4NTV S05 Ep06 | Adam Redshaw

  • Every picture tells a story

    4NTV S05 Ep05 | Sammie Edgar

  • Sound and Vision

    4NTV S05 Ep04 | Ian Mackintosh

  • How I became a warrior

    4NTV S05 Ep03 | Martin "The Warrior" Warrillow Martin takes us through his dramatic journey of surviving a stroke and how he became a warrior.

  • Pink Shorts to Bon Jovi

    4NTV S05 Ep01 | Tabitha Gray What changes in my life have taught me about marketing.

  • Are your needs being fulfilled?

    4NTV S06 Ep14 | Sian Rowsell In this interactive and reflective 4sight, Sian will show you how 4Networking can help you meet your core human needs as a business owner.

  • From Zero to Hero

    4NTV S06 Ep06 | Sheena Whyatt When personal & professional disaster struck, Sheena refused to give in, and turned it around into award winning success for her, & for her business.

  • The Game of Life

    4NTV S06 Ep07 | Bernadette Willems When you know the rules of the game, life is easy.

  • The pitfalls of pre-judging

    4NTV S06 Ep03 | David Heffernan | David talks about how surprises are everywhere, and they usually come from misjudging people for being less than they appear.

  • The GaMEchanGer

    4NTV S06 Ep13 | Chris Clarke How to stop screwing yourself over.

  • One word that changed my life

    4NTV S07 Ep08 | Janine Mitchell Janine talks through surviving an abusive marriage and how one word completely changed the direction of her life.

  • If You're In Business You're In Sales!

    4NTV S06 Ep16 | Paula Cohen Top tips from Paula for those people who hate selling & think they'll never be any good at it.

  • How to write an e-book

    4NTV S06 Ep11 | Rachael Chiverton Learn from Rachael's mistakes, it doesn't need to take months to write an ebook. Learn how to avoid time consuming pitfalls.

  • How to cycle the length of the UK

    4NTV S06 Ep01 | Mark Beaumont-Thomas Cycling from Land's End to John o'Groats aged 60 - mad or inspiring?? Find out!

  • You talkin' to me?

    4NTV S06 Ep15 | Dave Bradburn Does your literature talk the right language to the right people? Advice on creating effective marketing literature.

  • Two weddings, a flood and a funeral

    4NTV S06 Ep17 | Alison Wren How I built a successful e-commerce business from my back bedroom - and why I sold it after 7 years.

  • Leading from the heart

    4NTV S06 Ep18 | Rebecca Lowrie What does it mean to 'lead from the heart' and why is the cutting edge of business today?

  • From successful to joyful

    4NTV S06 Ep12 | Andrea Detchon 4Networking member Andrea Detchon says why she #Loves4N

  • The Life of Brian

    4NTV S06 Ep09 | Brian Morrison 12 years sober, Brian shares his journey and gives an update to his previous 4NTV appearances.

  • Rising from the Ashes

    4NTV S06 Ep04 | Terry Shields Terry talks about being bullied at school, lost his father and how setting goals in life and lessons he learnt and became Mayor of his home town.