• 30 Years of Working in a Family Business

    Mark Terrell talks about the trials and tribulations of working with your family, something plenty of 4Ners will recognize!

  • Information Secured? Fear Not Thy GDPR

    Craig Parsons explains why you should embrace, not fear, GDPR, and how not to buy the fear which so many are selling!

  • How Building a Business Taught Me to Build my Body

    Sam Rollins talks about the importance of having a strong mindset, having the best advisers around you, and of goal setting, in amongst the spray tan and Polish strawberry vodka world of female bodybuilding competitions!

  • Oh, for the LOVE of Science!!!

    Hayley Hilton takes us through her journey through the field of science so far and how 4N has helped her to become who she is today...

  • Don’t Pay Attention To This Title!

    Duncan Price presents a 4Sight on the importance and impact of positive language.

  • My First Year in Business

    Gary Jones talks about the highs and the lows of his first year in self-employment!

  • Who's Driving Your Train?

    Do you feel like your business is running you? Does it feel like a runaway train at times? It doesn't have to be that way. Claire McTernan shows you how to get control of your train again.

  • A 4N Evolution: Redundancy to Global Radio

    Kirk Pickstone shares his journey from dark times to where he is now and how 4Networking helped him do it.

  • Eliminating the Stresses, Strains and Knots in Your Life

    Lisa Moore demonstrates the healing powers of massage.

  • 90-day goal getting

    Barry Allaway explains how to set and achieve goals in 90 days.

  • It's been emotional

    Dave Bradburn explains the reasons why we connect with and care about some brands whilst others are more distant. How colour and visual identity plays a part in this.

  • What an entrepreneur can learn from The Paw Patrol!

    Craig Petty says that while The Paw Patrol may be a kids' TV programme, it has plenty to teach us!