Getting Started

  • What does 4Networking offer?

    4Networking (4N) gives you the opportunity to network with business people right across the UK, online and face to face.

    Our members are all looking to connect and do business. We run 5000+ meetings each year across the whole of the UK and you can attend ALL OF THEM!

    Elsewhere on this site, you’ll find more information about all these aspects of what 4N is all about:

  • Why do I need to register on this site?

    If we don’t know who you are, we can’t help you to network with other people! By registering, you are taking the first step to connecting with thousands of others who have found 4N a fantastic way to do business.

    Basic registration is free, quick and easy, and only asks you for the minimum information required to get started. Register here

  • How do I register?

    You can register by Visiting the Register page

    1. Register using your social media account (Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter).
    2. Or register manually – we only need your name and email address to get you started.
    3. Complete your details on the sign-up form.
    4. Joining as a paid 4N+ member or as a paid Passport member is also open to you when you first register - see full details of membership options below.
  • How do I create a profile?

    You can create a profile easily by following the steps below:

    1. Login and then go to the edit profile option in Your Pages:
    2. Enter your information in each relevant area. Remember to upload a portrait photo - people like to see what you look like!
    3. Click the update this button when you've added/changed info in each section. You can update your profile whenever you like by following these same steps.
  • What are the 4Networking membership options?

    New members: 4Networking is a membership organisation. If you're new to 4Networking you can see your choice of membership options here: 

    Choose from FREE basic online membership, 4N+ membership OR take advantage of our Passport membership joining options. You can only attend up to 2 meetings before becoming a Passport member. 

    The best time to join is before or at your first 4Networking meeting. Choose your Passport membership term:

    • 12-month Passport + 1 bonus month: £365+VAT
    • 6-month Passport: £200+VAT

    With either of these options, you'll also receive a free copy of the bestselling motivational business book 'Now What', signed by 4Networking founder and author Brad Burton.

    Alternatively, the following Passport membership options are available at the second (and final) meeting you can attend as a visitor. These deals will continue to be available online after your second meeting and are also available to rejoin 4Networking:

    • 12-month Passport: £365+VAT
    • 6-month Passport: £200+VAT
    1. 4N+ membership: £12.99 +VAT per month. This gives you enhanced exclusive online networking access and access to 4 meetings each year.

    These options are available as soon as you have registered as an 'Online only' member on the site by going here: Alternatively, you will be offered these three Passport membership options at your first 4N visitor meeting. This gives you immediate access to ALL 4Networking groups.

    Book your first meeting here Then choose the meeting you would like to attend and click Book Now. Remember to bring plenty of business cards, cash to cover meeting costs (Breakfast, Lunch and Evening events £15), a roller banner if you have one, and a smile... 


  • How do I reset my Password?

    1. Visit the Password reset page
    2. Enter the email address you used either when you registered yourself on the site or which was used by a 4Networking member to book you into a meeting on your behalf. This will be the email address used to send you a meeting booking confirmation. Press send.
    3. You can then choose and enter a new password.

4N Meetings

  • How do I book into a meeting?

    1. Visit the Meetings List page when logged in
    2. You can search meetings by date, location, distance, meeting type (Breakfast, Lunch, Evening) or a specified period of time. There is also the option to see meetings on a UK map. 
    3. Select the meeting you want from the list - the BOOK/INFO button goes to the detail page about a particular meeting. 
    4. Book the meeting of your choice and you will then receive an email booking confirmation.
  • How can I be unbooked from a meeting?

    1. Visit the Meeting list page and find the meeting you want to be unbooked from. Meetings you're booked into are shown as booked in green.
    2. Contact the Group Leader by clicking the orange MESSAGE ME button to be unbooked from a meeting. 
  • How can I check which meetings I’m booked into?

    See a summary of all the meetings you've booked by going to the future bookings page.

  • How do I get a receipt for each meeting?

    You will receive an email with a link to your account where you can access and print your PDF receipt (Up to 24 hours following the meet. If you do not receive this email promptly, here’s how you can access your receipt yourself:

    1. Click on the Find Meet Receipts option in the left-hand column of your dashboard, when logged in.
    2. Click Download Receipt for the particular meeting you require. This page also gives you a complete list of all the 4N meetings you have attended. You are also able to view attendees of past meetings.


  • How do I upgrade my membership?

    If you're already registered on the 4N site, you can upgrade to paid membership at any time. To do so, please visit the Membership Upgrade Page

    Renewing your membership: At all times you can see on your membership profile how many paid membership days you have remaining. If you're already a Passport Member, you have four continuous membership renewal options -

    1. 12 months Passport membership (+ 1 month free): £365+VAT
    2. 6 months Passport membership (+ 15 days free): £200+VAT
    3. 3 months Passport membership: £100+VAT
    4. Monthly Passport membership: £35+VAT per month

    You can renew your membership by visiting the Membership Upgrade page when you are logged in.

    Membership renewal terms: To be eligible for any of these continuous membership options there must be no break in membership. By renewing your 4Networking Passport membership by debit/credit card you are also agreeing that future renewals can be collected automatically from the same card. At least one month’s notice is required to cancel, by email to If you cancel payment without providing one month’s notice in writing or wish to cancel immediately after a renewal payment has been taken, then you will be charged a £50 administration fee. If payment ceases and your membership lapses, you have a choice of 3 rejoining options:

    1. 12 months Passport membership: £365+VAT
    2. 6 months Passport membership: £200+VAT

    If your membership days have been extended through receiving Invite a Friend days or as a result of team membership, then the renewal collection dates will reflect these changes.

    If Continuous Membership renewal payment fails as a result of a debit/credit card no longer being active or a change of card expiry date, 4Networking will contact you to request updated card details. If you know that you have been issued with a new card since your last payment to us, you can update your card details on this site.  

  • If my Passport membership lapses, what access can I have to 4N meetings in the future?

    You are only able to attend a 4N meeting again as a non-Passport member visitor once a minimum period of six months has elapsed since your Passport membership expired. At that point, your membership will be reset automatically to 'RV' status (Returning Visitor).

    Once that has happened, you can visit one meeting only as a visitor, as you will already be familiar with the format and style of 4Networking meetings. You can rejoin at that meeting.

    If you have used your one Returning Visitor meeting allocation but chosen not to rejoin, the process begins again ie you can attend a 4N meeting again as a visitor once a minimum period of six months has elapsed since your last visit. 

  • If my Passport membership lapses, can I rejoin at any time?

    Yes! If you want to rejoin as a Passport member before the six-month no-visit period has been completed, no problem. You can rejoin online at any time by going to 

  • What membership options are available to lapsed members?

    If you have previously been a Passport member at any point in the past, you are most welcome to rejoin at any time. As referred to in the section about membership renewal, you have a choice of 3 rejoining options if you have a break in Passport membership:

    1. 12 months Passport membership: £365+VAT
    2. 6 months Passport membership: £200+VAT
    3. 4N+ membership: £12.99 per month OR £100 per year

    If your Passport membership has lapsed, you can continue to be an Online Only member and therefore can access your profile on the 4Networking site.

  • Can I cancel my membership?

    For all types of initial Passport membership ie 12 months, 6 months, 3 months, monthly, 4N+ or promotional offers, no cancellation or refund is possible once payment has been processed. 

    For all types of 4Networking Continuous Membership, at least 30 days’ notice is required in writing to cancel your membership. This notice period is the 30 days prior to the expiry date of the current term of your Continuous Membership. Notice must be given by email to 4Networking will automatically acknowledge your cancellation email by return email. If you do not receive this email and cannot provide it to us on request, your cancellation will not be valid.

  • Can I transfer my membership?

    Your Passport membership is assigned only to you, so you cannot send a substitute to a meeting, whether from the same organisation or not.

    Your Passport membership cannot be transferred to anyone else. The only exception to this is permanent transfer to a different person in the same organisation. This can be carried out, subject to an admin fee of £41.67+VAT (£50 inc VAT). Please contact 4NHQ to request this.


  • Are Personal Messages private?

    Yes. Only the person who sent or received the Personal Message can view it.

  • How do I get notification when someone sends me a Personal Message?

    1. A number appears on the message 'envelope' symbol, representing each new message.
  • How do I see Personal Messages I’ve sent?

    1. When logged in, click on the envelope symbol just next to your portrait picture in the top navigation bar. This will take you to your message centre.
  • How can I stop someone from sending me Personal Messages?

    1. To block someone view a specific Personal Message from that person.
    2. Click the orange Block Member button underneath the message.
    3. To unblock someone view your Blocked Members tab in your Personal Messages area and click the orange Unblock button for the relevant person

Network ranking

  • What does my network ranking mean?

    You may have noticed that on the 4Networking site you now have a network ranking. This appears on your dashboard page. 

    Every person registered on the 4Networking site now has a network ranking.

    This is a general indicator as to how active a networker you are. In the background, the website is analysing your networking activity and, put simply, the more active a networker you are, the higher your ranking.

    Your ranking is determined by your networking activity in 4Networking over the last three months.

  • How can I improve my network ranking?

    There are many different networking activities used to calculate your ranking. This gives you an excellent range of opportunities to improve your network ranking position:

    • Go to 4N meetings! Increase the number and variety of 4Networking meetings you attend. This is probably the most influential factor, as it is THE way to be a great networker.
    • Deliver 4Sights, at meetings and online: the more the merrier!
    • Make active use of our Invite a Friend programme: invite plenty of visitors to meetings.
    • Give and receive testimonials.
    • Take advantage of team role opportunities.
    • Login and use the 4Networking site + make sure your profile page is fully completed.
    • Various other indicators of networking activity!
  • What is the purpose of my network ranking?

    Your network ranking is a useful indicator of yours and your fellow members level of activity as a 4Networking member.

    If you’re an active networker, you are likely to be:  

    • Well-connected, with a wide circle of contacts
    • A useful person to know and to do business with
    • Someone who can recommend suppliers, based on direct interaction
    • An experienced networker, who can share advice on networking and 4Networking
    • Someone who knows and can recommend various 4Networking groups
    • Someone who understands the value of 4Sighting
    • Someone, if you are/have been a 4N team member, who can explain what’s involved
    • An active online networker

    On that basis, if you have a good network ranking, you’re someone who people will value getting to know.

    So, take a look at your current ranking and think of ways in which you can make it to #1!

  • How often will my network ranking change?

    Each person’s ranking is updated daily. However, one day or even one week’s activity is unlikely to result in a significant change to your position.

  • Will anything suppress my ranking?

    Yes! There is one aspect which will actively reduce your ranking position:

    Being a 'no-show' at a meeting.

    If you have confirmed your attendance at an upcoming meeting and then don't attend, this is disruptive to the smooth running of the meeting. The same applies if you don't respond to meeting confirmation calls or emails from the team. On the basis of your confirmation, the venue layout and catering will have been set up accordingly. A no-show upsets all that and can lead to extra cost incurred from the venue. On that basis, it will lose you network ranking points and suppress your ranking position. 

    To avoid this, if at the last minute you can't attend a 4N meeting you've confirmed that you'll attend (and we get it, stuff happens), then please just let someone on the group's meeting team know with a quick call or text.


Do you need additional support?

We’re here to help! You can contact the 4Networking Support Team by email if you have a query not answered here. You can also call the Support Team on 0345 123 4444 during office hours, Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm.