What I Offer…

We are a discount club that saves you money everyday.   We are more than a utility supplier because all our customers are members who enjoy special club benefits.  Its free to join and means not only can you take advantage of money saving deals but you can also enjoy other exclusive benefits like cashback on your everyday shopping.

Member Testimonials

  • If paying over the odds for your home running costs is something you are prepared to continue with.... great. If not, then grabbing a coffee and chat with Yvonne, one of Team Purple's loveliest and caring partners to find out how she can reduce those costs woudn't be a waste of your time.

What I do

  • Utility Warehouse Discount Club
  • Personal shopper
  • Networking Marketing

My Stats

Last online 16th Sep 2019
Member since 12th Feb 2018
Number of testimonials 1
Meetings attended 60
4N ranking 326 in the UK