What I Offer…

Inspirational BALancing, established in 1996, helps empower people using different techniques and methods.

The Bio-Resonance E-Lybra can restore your vitality starting today!

This technology is essentially an energy balancing system a fifth dimensional tool. It is used to balance your mind, body and soul energetically so that you can approach life from your highest state possible.

Here’s what the E-Lybra can do for you:

  • Balance the energy flow in your body and remove energy blockages that lead to mental, physical and emotional distress
  • Reduce physical ailments and symptoms
  • Provide you with more energy
  • Discover what belief patterns you hold and what is really going on inside of you emotionally
  • Balance your emotions so you can feel empowered to move on with your life
  • Bring your mind, body and spirit into alignment
  • Remove unwanted energies around you, clearing you to move forward in your life

How it Works

Every physical, mental and emotional imbalance in the body has an energetic counterpart that must be balanced in order for healing to take place. The E-lybra is an amazing, comprehensive system that communicates with the body’s consciousness at a deep level and restores energetic balance within the bio-field of humans and animals in order to bring about transformation.

The e-Lybra finds the imbalances and then searches for appropriate energetic resolutions, assessing which patterns to deliver before transmitting them. Essentially, your body talks to the E-lybra, telling it where the imbalances are in the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. The E-lybra first performs a scan of the body and then selects from hundreds of thousands of patterns to make a personalized formula for your specific needs. The categories of bio-resonance patterns is vast and might include things like homeopathy, herbal therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), crystal therapy, flower essences, aura-soma, colour therapy, and pharmaceutical drugs.

These bio-resonance patterns are sent to the client energetically during E-lybra sessions via comfortable connection cables. The patterns are also stored in an e-pendant, which the client takes away with them. Wearing the e-pendent supports them during their personal development.

The e-lybra is suitable for all groups and sessions can be done in person or remotely using a sample of hair to enhance the connection.

I pour my heart and soul into my sessions. Your healing is my goal and my passion. You won’t need to keep coming back for sessions to maintain your results. We’ll heal the things that are holding you back, and then you’re done! It’s a fun and exhilarating process and I look forward to sharing it with you.

I am located in a small town called March, in Cambridgeshire. If you are unable to attend appointments here, I can travel to your house (depending on the distance) or perform remote therapy (depending on the service).

Why I’m good at what I do…

Namaste! I’m Bal Dharar, and I am a quantum navigator. My professional role is to mentor and assist people to access their inner power and connect to source using the latest cutting edge technology. My work is all about Personal Transformation. My passion is to help people overcome what is holding them back so they can thrive. I truly love what I do!

After learning many healing modalities, I found that energy work is the one technique that produces the greatest results. I am passionately committed to the advancement of energy work and the technologies that go along with it. I am fully qualified and insured in my therapies, and I am constantly expanding my own skills and exploring new techniques. Some of my latest studies include: Advanced E-lybra training, Weekly Quantum Infinity training, Student of Dr Mark Dunn from Conscious Systems monthly training, Biological medicine, H A N D L E levels 1 and 2, Matrix Energetic level 1, 2, 3 and practitioner level and Qi Gong training.

My interests keep me updated on all of the changes that are now taking place on this Earth, such as:

  • Planetary changes
  • New energies
  • Evolving into new human beings
  • Awareness
  • Being present
  • Working from the heart

Member Testimonials

  • Bal is one of the most compassionate and friendliest beings that I have met. She has a gentle and intuitive way of working, and helped me become aware of unconscious thoughts that were holding me back from what I wanted. This enabled me to move forward in my life in the direction I wanted to go.

What I do

  • Holistic Energy Healing
  • Holistic Healing
  • Energy Healing

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