What I Offer…

Serviced Accommodation property management. We can provide landlords with long term guaranteed income from their properties. Possibly overcoming the problems of Section 24 and also providing access to Capital Allowances as well.

Property investment support and partnership. Do you have money to invest in property but not the time or knowledge to be confident about doing it ? We could work with you to invest in the right property that will make the most of your money in both the short and long term.

Why I’m good at what I do…

Knowledge, experience and access to a range of people in the trades and professions that can advise and deliver the projects we undertake.

Things I like…

Exploring opportunities and finding solutions that other people would tend to overlook or ignore.

What I do

  • Service Accommodation property management.
  • Property Development.
  • Commercial Conversions.

My Stats

Last online 16th Mar 2020
Member since 7th Aug 2019
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Meetings attended 36
4N ranking 263 in the UK