What I Offer…

There are 2 parts to my business.

The first is all about how your security information can be stolen by people with the skills that I have.

The second is all about MAGIC!!!!

For weddings, parties, exhibition stands, stage shows etc etc etc!

Why I’m good at what I do…

Go have a look!


Member Testimonials

  • Attended meeting at Eastleigh FC yesterday Paul showed /reminded us all why he is amongst the very best at what he dose Truly Brilliant
  • Paul was kind enough to do a 2hr 4Sight workshop after Southampton Breakfast this week, and it was a MASSIVE help. As a new passport member I knew I SHOULD do a 4Sight but was really nervous to book myself to do one. Now I feel super confident that I'm going to nail it and booked myself to do 3!!!
  • Paul Newton rejoined 4N after a time away. It has been great to get to know him. His business is magic - pure and simple, with a dash of psychology and human behaviour thrown in for seasoning. I have greatly enjoyed his 4sights. He claims to mess with your head, you'll have to meet him to learn how!
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What I do

  • Security Scaremonger and Entertainment Services!

My Stats

Last online 20th Jul 2019
Member since 10th Jul 2008
Number of testimonials 16
Meetings attended 252
4N ranking 118 in the UK