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I think Twitter is a fantastic tool but still widely misunderstood. We always try to add value on our Twitter account by sharing valuable content we have created as well as useful resources we find online, this way to find we're helping our followers. This approach works better for us rather then expecting Twitter to generate vast numbers of leads.

Gareth Coxon
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Ultimately it's just talking but to a wider group of people (sometimes) and with fewer characters available to you. It is that easy really.

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Having a conversation by sending people away is a funny way to engage.

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I have a tool which can manage your twitter account, it can also generate lists of users based on keywords, geographical locations.  

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Really good posts, I do agree the best way is to engage with people.

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I have been using Twitter for ages too... I have a few tips on my blog for people new to Twitter and wanting to build followers..

Top Tip: 

1) Engage people, get talking

April Hodge

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