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Another great meeting in Ipswich this morning, despite a little lethargy from all that chocolate!

This morning I was promoting a great workshop for Ipswich and Suffolk businesses where you will get over £ 300 worth of products/services for £ 12.00 attendance fee!

Here are the details:


You’ve probably heard of the Acres of Diamonds story but if not you’ll get the chance to hear its priceless multi messages from me. 

I am organising a morning Business Growth session, with some successful partners, especially for


Car Sales,

Restaurants and

Double glazing companies.


We will not be turning away other businesses but the trades listed above will receive priority so, if filled, the rest will go on a waiting list or we will repeat the session soon after.

Why should you read on, if you fall into this category?

We have some products (absolutely free!) that will benefit your trade.

Why are we doing this? – There will be no selling at the morning workshop. That’s a promise. However by showcasing what we do we will be advertising our services and products for next to nothing except our time. This is valuable to us, in itself. 

What will you get at the Ipswich Workshop?

1)     All attendees will receive a free mini website from Richard Saupe of Sego.Mobi worth £ 97 plus VAT

Many people now do searches on their phones and this website will look great on any mobile. Richard will explain how this website will be developed to increase sales and also give you other valuable tips about google.

2)     A half hour coaching session on 10 Steps To Success by Me, Nadia Cenci of NAC Coaching Ltd – Value £ 90 plus VAT

This workshop has a proven track record of transforming people's mindset and businesses

3)      A presentation from Milo Dunne, the Credit Repair Man, on how you can get extra sales and help some of your customers, without it costing you a single penny!

This is a unique service, new to the area.

4)      A half hour marketing session by Nadia Cenci on Understanding Social Media and how it can help you increase your business – value £ 60 plus VAT

If you are not using all the tools out there, then you are really missing out. You will receive not just the why and what but also the how. Included is the e-book I am selling for £4.75 absolutely FREE!


So to summarise, you will receive, as gifts

Free mini website  -     £ 97.00 plus vat

Coaching sessions -  £ 150.00 plus vat

Free e-book   -           £ 4.75

Total products   £ 301.15 absolutely FREE!  PLUS Increase in Sales (???)


And if we were charging £ 150.00, £ 75.00 or £ 50, it really would be worth it at those prices but no, actually, we are asking for only £10.00 plus vat to cover the costs of the room.

That’s £ 12.00! It really is a no-brainer.

The only other cost to you, is that of your time but quite frankly if you don’t think your time is worth spending to get your hands on all the above, increase your profile and increase your sales, then we’ll just let you get on with it!


Don’t delay and sign up now to find the fortune that is in your business!