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Monday 24th March 2014 - 04:03
Dee Atkins
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A friend of mine has JUST opened a pet store. She's not a 4Ner (yeah I know, I'm sorry) but will pass on your details. :) 

Monday 24th March 2014 - 02:59
Adrian Wilkinson
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The FourFriends dog food is a new product onto the UK market and is the only food to contain Aloe Vera as standard throughout the whole range of 10 products. Our sister company Fourfriends GB are now actively looking for independent retailers to stock this premium pet food. It comes in 1kg, 3kg and 12kg eye catching bags.

It is to be exclusively stocked by independent retailers. The range of pet foods features 10 premium foods for dogs, covering all life stages. The FourFriends ranges are all packaged in eye catching quality foil and zip locked bags. Each product is made with high quality ingredients’, all products are gluten free and have a high 87% meat protein content.

The addition of Aloe Vera extract to the recipe means pets can benefit from the numerous health   properties the natural supplement offers. This plant can be of benefit to the immune system, kidney & joint health. Aloe Vera has anti-inflammatory and immune boosting compounds which can benefit pets suffering from allergies.

Due to the high quality of the ingredients, the food has a low daily feeding rate so offers exceptional value for money.

The margin for retailers is amongst the highest in the industry and area exclusivity will be offered to retailers demonstrating a proven commitment to the product. Bespoke display stands will also be available FOC to selected outlets.

Does anybody have contacts in the retail world who would like to find out more about the Fourfiends range?

To find out more visit or call us on 01302 637 377