Who can do SMS mobile marketing

Rob Moriarty

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We have teams within our network that can help with this if you want to give me a call.

Matt Flanagan

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Intouch crm has built in SMS features at a low price. 


Chris Curtis
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Give me a call and I can talk you through what I can do to help.


Chris Curtis, Media & Digital Executive


07801 195 903

Mike Roberts
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You can buy text packages for sending out text messages, depends how much he wants to automate the process and what they want to do.

If you email me what they are trying to achieve, I will email back the way of doing it mike@appdesignbristol.co.uk 

Callum MacNicol
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Hey Rob, I hope all is well and need to catch up, would be good if you can keep 16th March Free for Staines 4N.

Try Text Marketer, you WILL NOT get cheaper than them!!! and ask for....

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Luke Taylor

Account Manager

Text Marketer Ltd

T: 0115 9895109

W: http://www.textmarketer.co.uk

E: luke.taylor@textmarketer.com

Hope that helps!

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Does anyone know about setting up SMS mobile marketing campaigns - have a client I've worked with for a number of years who has a large database of mobile numbers and wants to use a system for contacting them with offers and promotions