The Importance of Learning to Round Numbers

Monday 20th November 2017 - 01:35
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Learning to round numbers is a very important skill which students will use throughout their maths education and into later life. Rounding decimals up to the nearest whole number can make adding up several numbers faster and easier. This is particularly useful when shopping; by rounding the prices of items to the nearest pound, the total value of the shop can be quickly estimated. This can be helpful to work out if you have enough money to buy all the items on your shopping list. Rounding might also be useful when estimating distance.

It is not always necessary to be exact. Some maths questions students come across in their education will result in an extremely long decimal number. These numbers are very confusing to use in any subsequent calculations, so they are often rounded to make them easier to work with. Hence why instead of writing 3.1415926535 and so on for Pi, we often work with 3.14. This reduces the accuracy of the final answer, but it makes the calculation much simpler. Students will often be required to leave an answer to two decimal places, which involves rounding. In order to be successful in maths, especially at higher levels, students need to be confident on how to round both decimals and whole numbers. Worksheets and activities on rounding can help to build confidence and improve technique in this area, preparing children for harder maths questions and later life.