GDPR - don't believe all the hype!

Wednesday 29th November 2017 - 11:05
Brian Clancy

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If only you had a £1 for every email that tells you that on 25 May 2018, less than six months from today, the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) will come into force, you could have retired…!
While you’ll struggle to find a company which won’t be affected by the GDPR, many of the provisions have been in place for many years as part of the existing Data Protection Regulations. If you have been compliant, there may only be a few changes or adjustments that you will need to make. 
There is no need to worry - all that you need is to be educated about what the changes are and how they legally affect your business, if at all.
We totally get it that it is not the most exciting business activity you will undertake this year. We understand that it is a compliance hurdle, albeit an important one, that has to be dealt with and be as effortless as possible. To do exactly that, we have been advising our clients on the GDPR changes in general, but more importantly, specifically on how such changes affect their business and what legal measures should be taken to avoid being stung by a fine (which the GDPR has increased significantly)

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