I lost my best friend...

Thursday 30th November 2017 - 07:22
Mark Stonham

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An important message, well worth sharing widely.

Thursday 30th November 2017 - 08:48
Graham Todd
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We've always said that LBS isn't just networking - it's a movement! It's a coming together of people from all over the UK and it's a place where magical, poignant, and fascinating topics are discussed by our incredible speakers. 

But last night was different...

On the anniversary of her grandfather's death and on the birthday of her best friend who sadly died 9 years ago, Claire Russell took to the LBS stage to share something very personal on a day that meant so much. 

Claire left the attendees thinking in ways they certainly weren't when they arrived, and she did it for good reason.

During a powerful talk about life, death, and suicide, Claire tackled the subjects most shy away from thinking about, let alone talking about to a room of networkers. Claire did this because during her time as a Samaritan she's heard from so many who felt so alone because they felt they couldn't talk about their problems. 

During a very brave talk Claire left us with these thoughts...

  • When you're staring down the barrel of despair, finding someone to talk to is hard.
  • You might speak to someone who needs to know they're not alone.
  • Often suicidal people don't want to die; they just can't see another way forward...

A powerful message.  

Claire started her 4Sight with an incredible message from someone who reached out to Claire when they heard she was going to talk about this subject. It was a brave and powerful start to an already incredible talk.

So it looks like it's already helped someone...

If you or someone you know needs help then you can call the Samaritans at any time on 116 123.