"To you, Wildlings, I have the utmost respect!" - Matt Fludgate at Macclesfield breakfast

Wednesday 4th July 2018 - 12:05
Sian Rowsell
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Southerner Matt Fludgate shared his life story from birth to the frozen north with many emotional ups and downs in between! Thank you Matt! Keep smiling and we wish you strength for the rest of your current journey.

Everyone was listening intently - even Fred!

Matt even got a standing ovation and the crowd bowing at his feet 

All in all it was another great Macclesfield 4N breakfast, with a smiling Fay to welcome us in...

...a well stocked bumf table...

...and of course plenty of time for informal networking

Thank you everyone for contributing to such a great meeting! Thanks especially to Nicola for visiting us today - we're excited that you've joined as a member! 

Have a great couple of weeks and we look forward to welcoming you back on July 18th when our 4Sight will be from The Warrior himself, Martin Warrilow. 30 booked on - don't miss out! https://shar.es/anPaE5