And Introducton to Me and My business - Kangen Water For Health and Secondary Income

Monday 9th July 2018 - 10:07
Stefan Thomas
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Good to see you Pete and I hope you're well, long time etc 

Sunday 8th July 2018 - 01:21
Pete Chapman
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By way of introduction, my name is Pete Chapman and I love in Halifax. So will hope to be supporting events in West Yorkshire and maybe a little further . I bit the bullet and joined 4N to Network to try to share information about Kangen Water and inviting business people to join me in spreading the word about this amazing water.

And I am happy to get involved with 4N meetings in the hope that I can bring some value to the meetings I attend

So what is Kangen Water? It is a product electrolysis through a water ioniser attached to your kitchen tap with a diverter so you can still use your normal tap water if you wish.

Our Ionisers are recognised as Medical devices in Japan and are used in over 100 hospitals and the water is approved by the Japanese Health Department

The units help the body get back into pH balance which is essential when it is universally recognised that disease is caused by a build up of acididosis in our cells. Our birth pH is 7.35 and on average the UK population is a 10 times more acidic than that.

So the units provide 8.5, 9 and 9.5pH water to help our bodies get back into balance.

The water is also rich in energising hydrogen, is an anti oxident and reduced in its molecular structure so it can enter and hydrate our cells much more effectively than normal water.

The units provide a slightly astringent water that is good for bathing, and toning our skin.

They also provide disinfectent water and a degreasant so that household chemical and single use plastic use can be decreased and therefore helping the environment

Our commission structure for our independent agents can lead to generous part time incomes from £500 to £5000 per month within weeks for people who share this water within their communities and much, much more if people take it on as a serious, life changing global project.

For the product description I recommend people go to the following link

If you wish to know more about the business opportunity with Enagic, by all means call or message me on 07823 772234 anytime or you can check it out on my website here


As far as working together , I am excited to be part of the 4n community and hope that we can enjoy a successful and engaging time together as I travel around saying hello

God bless

Pete Chapman