If you woke up this morning for Macclesfield 4N breakfast then you're not dead - what goal could be better than that!

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This morning at 4N Macclesfield we were treated to an open and honest 4Sight from Adrian Savage (aka The Chimp Slayer) who shared how he found his why and his purpose - and how he's been making money out of being a geek for 35 years. Thank you Adrian - I think there might have been something in my eye..

And of course we had the usual elements of a great Macclesfield meeting - colouful banners, well-stocked bumf tables, and #YorkshiresForBreakfast! And we are very happy that Karen who visited us today is now a member! 

Thank you everyone! I hope we'll see you all next time when our 4Sight will be from Roger Fairhead 'Any dream will do'  Please book on here if you haven't already: https://shar.es/a1CWxE