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Mark Blacklee
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Hi Nick,

I can help you out.

We offer a free 14 day try before you buy service to basically put our money where our mouth is and demonstrate we are capable of getting you results. And if we do not get you the results you wanted what have you lost??

Give me a call anytime to discuss if you want.

Caroline Endersbee
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Hi Nick

We use Mark Tillison from

To be honest he has kept an extremely difficult customer of our for nearly two years now and I believe if he can manage this client of ours succesfullythen he is clearly delivering consistent results.

he is NOT the cheapest but he will agree targets with you & if he doesnt hit them you don't pay!

he is definately worth a phone call as in a converstaion you will quickly discover how knowledgeable he is.

Hope this helps

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Looking for somebody to manage my adwords.

Please only recommend if you have used them and can safely say they are good and get the best out of the budget as possible.

If you do Adwords, please have some decent testimonials.

Thanks :)