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Fundraising applications

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The 365 Challenge was created in 2016, to raise awareness of the effects of PTSD and Mental ill health through exercise and or fun. While it was originally an awareness campaign we have become aware that the number of children diagnosed as suffering from some form of mental trauma is growing faster than any other sector of society. The problem is the NHS is unable to handle the number of children being diagnosed, an example is a teenager from Surrey that was diagnosed in April suffering from PTSD, her GP found last week that she is 88th on the waiting list!

As the situation is going to get worse over the next decade, I have been challenged to raise £1m over the next 5 years and this is where I need help from the great 4N community.

There are a large number of grants available for ventures such as The 365 Challenge, all you have to do is put forward an application. However, I am fairly useless at completeing application forms so I need to be introduced to someone that does and is willing to assist us. While we have no money in the kitty at present, the person managing to get us funding will receive 20% of anything raised.

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I have someone who might be able to help you - he's a tender expert and might be interested in this. - 19 Oct, 2018

  • Also, my message service on here doesn't seem to be working. You can message me at addison.jaynes@reliantdestinations.co.uk. - Addison Jaynes 19 Oct, 18