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Sammy Rambles - Fantasy Adventure Books for Children and Adults who like Castles and Dragons!

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Do you believe in dragons?

Let me introduce you to Sammy Rambles, a ten year old boy with blue eyes, dirty blond hair, grubby school shirt and torn trousers.

Running yet again from bullies who have no reason to pick on him other than because of his parents successful careers, Sammy leaps into his mother’s car one afternoon and she decides he must change schools.

They meet Sir Lok Ragnarok, Headmaster of Dragamas School for Dragon Charming, and things change very quickly.

Sammy’s adventures begin with him hatching and raising his own dragon in “The Floating Circus” and continue for five years across the five books.

Whilst learning new skills Sammy encounters a formidable enemy known only as the “Shape” whose purpose is to ensure that Dragamas must close.

The books are available at 4N meetings and also on Amazon using these links:

Book 1 – Sammy Rambles and the Floating Circus Book 2 – Sammy Rambles and the Land of the Pharaohs Book 3 – Sammy Rambles and the Angel of ‘El Horidore Book 4 – Sammy Rambles and the Fires of Karmandor Book 5 – Sammy Rambles and the Knights of the Stone Cross

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As well as the Sammy Rambles books, there is also the game Dragonball which Sammy and his friends play in the books, but is now available as a real-life game that can be played by real people!

This is available as a Dragonball session for schools and clubs and also as a Dragonball Tournament. For more information and booking, please visit