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'Mental Toughness for Business' workshop - 23rd Nov - Bristol

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Mentally tough individuals have significant advantages over more mentally sensitive people in an business / occupational setting.

How would you like to consistently?

• Be able to positively shape the events and interactions that you experience in your business or your work role. • Recognise and manage your emotional states so that you can react to stressful situations in useful ways. • Be able to imagine successfully achieving the things you want to. • Demonstrate the tenacity and stick-ability to set goals and see them through irrespective of external influences. • Develop the ability to stretch yourself, take risks and explore opportunities outside of your comfort zone. • Believe that you have what it takes in your area of work without the need for external validation. • Be better at dealing with challenge from others and assertively present your point or views.

My ‘Mental Toughness for Business’ workshop will help you examine your approaches in all of these areas and provide you with practical tools to develop a vital personality trait in today’s business world.

It’s on Friday 23rd November at Humphrey Repton House, Brentry in Bristol from 9am to 12.30pm. The cost is £50 per person including refreshments. This is a great price for such a high quality workshop.

This is a workshop designed with all of my 20 years of experience and creativity. You will be active learners and given plenty of opportunities to creating useful meaning from everything we cover. Along with the opportunities to practice using practical tools and techniques, you will start the process of changing your mental toughness before you leave the workshop.

Does this sound like something you feel would be worth looking at? Think about how much more effective you could be as a business owner or in your role at work?

Find out even more about this workshop and how to book your place at the following link.

I really look forward to seeing you there on 23rd November