Maurice Kelly
UKO Asset Management
Promoting. Posted: 23 Oct, 18

How to make money the easy way

Hi All

Hope you are good and that all is well with you?

We have two websites that may be of great interest to you and I have noted these below:

We have this site: this is where clients can go to have their mortgages, loans and credit cards analysed and if we find any reclaim and quite often we do, then we will seek to recover the money on behalf of the clients on a "No Win, No Fee" basis. Therefore the client has absolutely nothing to lose and possibly everything to gain.

We also have this site: this is where people can sign up to an MLM style business and they can then get paid for referring clients to the above site. Assuming you join the ukoam business and you are an Affiliate (depending on the level you join at, this could be free) you can get paid to refer clients to have their cases (mortgages ,loans and credit cards) analysed and you can also build a large team whereby you would get an override on what your team produces. Please see the for more details or give me a call.

As these are both web based businesses, this is why I am confident that you could smash it, using your skill set (as you would be promoting your own business) you could get this out to thousands, if not tens of thousands of people and where people can get “Free Money” at no cost and very little time (a brief amount of time is needed to load their cases), then this should be right up your street. You, using your skills, to promote your business, what could be simpler?

Let me know if I can assist in any way?