Richard Pemberton
The Hippy Hare Company
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Aerial Phography and Videography

Aerial Photography, Aerial Videography, Structural Inspections, Drones, 4K Videography

Aerial Photography and Videography

We are a Midlands based company specialising is aerial photography and videography.

Websites and Business

We can take those shots that will help you to promote your business. Giving it a different angle and perspective. Making you stand out from the crowd. Would a view from high off the ground give you that special look, that angle that no-one else has thought of? Do you need exciting photos to promote your business on social media?

Don't forget we can fly indoors!

Would your website benefit from an overview of your factory and processes?

Structural Inspections

Do you have an awkward structure that requires inspecting? Do you need expensive access equipment to ensure you meet your Health and Safety needs We can solve your access problems by not having to leave the ground. Thus reducing your safety concerns, your costs and the time needed to complete the work. You will also have a complete photographic record of your structure to review at your leisure.

We are CAA approved, with the necessary PfCO licence. Enabling us to safely carry out aerial photography commercially.