Ajay Kapadia
Promoting. Posted: 26 Nov, 18

A Christmas present for someone who has everything!

Christmas Present Exclusive

If you know someone whose tea or coffee goes cold because they forget about it then you need to buy them one of these.

It's the World's first fine china mug that keeps your tea or coffee at its perfect temperature for up to an hour.

It's wirelessly charged and fully sealed making it dishwasher proof. Being ceramic means you don't get a metallic taste - it really does make your hot drink taste better.

You simply charge the mug on a standard Qi coaster (which is supplied and also charges smart phones). The heater comes on automatically when you drink cools to 65 degrees centigrade - the perfect temperature. It's kept hot for up to an hour and if you remember to finish it in time, the heater goes off when you take your last sip.

As they're one of our clients we've negotiated a special 4Networking price of £99 plus £7 for delivery (usually £129 plus delivery).

These are only available at this price through me so please drop an email through to ajay.kapadia@fabric.co.uk or give me a call.

Still not convinced? - It's been described as the best invention ever on The Gadget Show and has been featured in the national and international press.

Have a look at the video we directed for them: