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The Marlow Language Centre: 30 years of experience of language training, translations & interpreting

Corporate Language Training and Translations

What we do

Language Training

Operating out of our headquarters in the picturesque town of Marlow in Buckinghamshire we conduct intensive and non-intensive English and foreign language training at our Centre in Marlow or on your premises in London and the Thames Valley. We are currently conducting business language courses on site for clients based in London, High Wycombe, Maidenhead, Oxford, Bracknell, Reading, Slough.

Relocation programmes

We also run EFL (English as a foreign language) programmes for employees and their families who have relocated to the UK from abroad and need help with their English to ease the transition into an English-speaking environment.

Cultural briefings

The aim of intercultural working training is to facilitate insights and understanding of cultural differences and the important role culture plays when working with other cultures.


We also offer a translation and interpreting service between English and virtually any language you are likely to need, including all European languages, Asian languages, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, and Russian – and 50 or so other languages.

How we work

Bespoke Courses

We can cater to individuals or groups, and we can put together a proposal for helping your employees make targeted improvements to their language skills – and we understand your budgetary constraints. Whatever the class size, there is a choice of intensive or non-intensive tuition. In either case, delegates have total flexibility as to the start date of their language programme and preferred days and times of the classes themselves.

You can start with a free consultation. You may then decide to book an assessment (skills audit). Depending on the outcome of the audit, you may decide to book a course.

All the English and foreign language business courses we offer are conducted by professional, native teachers, many of whom have experience of working in industry.

Professional Linguists

We employ in-house translators working in general subject areas in the more common languages. And to make sure we can cater to your every need where less common languages and more specialist subject areas are concerned, we call on the services of tried-and-tested partners around the globe to bring you a one-stop translation shop. In 30 years in the business we have been able to forge relationships with reliable, accurate translation partners so that we can be sure of placing your assignment in the right hands.

We follow the code of conduct of the Chartered Institute of Linguists, which specifies strict requirements with regard to quality, care and confidentiality. We use mother-tongue translators, who translate into their own language, thereby guaranteeing accuracy and appropriate linguistic style. For instance, for translations into French we will only use a translator whose mother tongue is French.

Case Study

Corporate Language Training

In January 2015 we were contacted by the European Tour regarding business French tuition for approximately 20 employees in preparation for the prestigious Ryder Cup 2018 in Paris.

The list of prospective delegates comprised people from various functions: Media Communications, Marketing Manager, Guest Services and Hospitality, Client Relations, Finance Director, Retail and Licensing,

Our Head of Studies attended The European Tour’s HQ in Virginia Water to carry out 60 minute assessments of all the employees who would benefit from French language training. The assessment sessions were used to ascertain the current level of each individual in terms of their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.

We talked with all the delegates individually, questioning them about their role in the company and what tasks they would be asked to perform in the French language in the run-up to the Ryder Cup itself in Paris 2018. The assessment sessions also gave delegates the opportunity to say what they were hoping to achieve from their proposed course, and to set goals.

Andrea Detchon
The Joy Scientist

Hello! Would you like to come to 4sight at Bracknell, Reading or Ascot? We would love to hear more about your work. Andrea. - 10 Jan, 2019

  • Hi Andrea, Many thanks for the invitation. I will be conduct a 4Sight at Maidenhead on February 20th. I went to the Bracknell 4N meeting yesterday. Peter Smith did a great presentation! - Jean-Michel Le Couëdic 01 Feb, 19